My 2018 predictions were spot on… except for that one wish…


Each year I try to predict the future of the points & miles world.  I’ve never pretended to be good at this, but it has been a fun exercise.  And, somehow, I’ve stumbled upon a lot of correct guesses in the past few years.  For example, here was my scorecard from 2017:

  • Citi will add significant new benefits to the Prestige card: CONFIRMED-ISH (Citi did add new benefits, but it’s a stretch to call them “significant”. See: Citi Prestige new benefits confirmed)
  • Alaska won’t significantly devalue their Mileage Plan program: CONFIRMED
  • Marriott won’t devalue their travel packages: CONFIRMED
  • The promise of Digital Wallet Cards will die: CONFIRMED

Keep in mind that all of the above were true by the end of 2017, but several of them have since changed.  For example, Marriott did completely devalue their travel packages in 2018, but my prediction was for 2017 so it was a proven prediction.

2018 Predictions

In January I posted my 2018 predictions (found here).  Without further ado, here’s my scorecard for 2018:

  • A US airline will introduce Basic Economy awards. Confirmed
    Delta began offering Basic Economy awards on some routes earlier this month.
  • A hotel chain (or brand within a chain) will eliminate resort fees. Wrong
    To be honest, I never expected this to happen. I hoped that a hotel executive would read my post and decide that it would be great for PR to do this.  Are you listening hotel execs?  We’ll lavish you with praise if you do this in 2019. We promise!
  • Marriott will offer free breakfast to Gold and Platinum elites at resorts. Confirmed
    I failed to predict that they would rename “Gold” to “Platinum” but the gist of the prediction (that 50 night elites would get breakfast at resorts) was correct.
  • Marriott will announce details of the combined Marriott / SPG rewards program and it will look a lot like Marriott Rewards. Confirmed
    Not only does the new program look like Marriott Rewards, they even adopted Marriott’s existing technology platform for better or worse (mostly worse).

Three out of four ain’t bad.  And, considering that the resort fee one was more of a wish than a prediction (I described it as my “hope” rather than prediction in the post), I think I did really well.

2018 bonus predictions regarding the Marriott/SPG merger

In addition to the above primary predictions, I made the following predictions about the combined Marriott / SPG program:

  • Marriott will add new higher end reward categories.  Confirmed
  • Ritz Carlton will be rolled into the new program and most Ritz properties will be mapped to the new higher-end award categories. Confirmed
  • Amex’s super-premium Marriott cards will offer 3 points per dollar for un-bonused spend.  Wrong.  The SPG Lux card only offers 2X for non-bonus spend (just like almost all other Marriott and SPG cards).
  • The new program will introduce something similar to SPG’s Suite Night Awards (certificates that let high level elites request free upgrades to suites that can be confirmed up to 5 days before your stay). Confirmed. The new program now offers Suite Night Awards that work exactly like the old SPG SNAs.
  • SPG’s extensive transfer partner options will go away in favor of Marriott’s current transfer partner relationships. Wrong. The combined program did much better. They adopted SPG’s transfer partners and added in the handful that were previously unique to Marriott.

On these bonus predictions I got only 3 out 5 correct.

2019 Predictions are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Most important wrong prediction after much hype
– Old Cat 8-9 packages will be cat 6 new; old Cat 6 awards will be cat 5 new etc etc
A whole set of wrong predictions too in the merger but overall good logic even if flawed


” Bite me ”
I called today I just got Burned on my IHG card which I upgraded to metal in August . You lose your past history when u do that . I was looking for 40k points not a Free nite @ my annual 12/1 now 8/1 which they Upgraded too . I could’ve gotten a Free nite in 12/1 IF they had told me that in August and not upgraded till 12/1 . Chase did say ” Sorry I always tell people that before they Upgrade ” . I’m sure they always do that and I canceled that card right then !! Pocket Change but Fun !!
However on my SW Premier card upgrade ($149) Chase gave me 7500 points instead 0f the 3k I was to get 3 months later on my annual renewal …I need SW not IHG I have a Citi Prestige Card.. Thank God for travel websites or I would’ve to spend ” My money ” on Travel .
It all Evens out in the end or so they tell me .

Merry Xmas to All ..
Cheap Jeff


Hyatt does eliminate resort fees on “Award” bookings don’t they so you should get a 1/2 point………..


So you had a greater chance of being correct on negative changes. Sigh. Sounds about right.

Ron B
Ron B

I was not as lucky with my prediction and wish……. American Airlines is still in business 🙁


Hopefully soon it will be gone

25.15 USD −1.24 (4.70%) as of dec 24 2018 . These guys will go till 12 $