My top 5 particular pet peeves about hotels, in no particular order


We all want our hotel rooms to be clean, quiet, and comfortable.  We want service to be prompt and friendly.  We want to get more for less (give us free internet, free food, and free water!).  And, when any of these wants are not met, we get irritated.  That’s normal.  I’ve noticed, though, that there are some very particular things about hotels that annoy me time and again.  I’ve weeded out the usual complaints and narrowed down the list to my top 5 particular hotel pet peeves (in no particular order):

Abrasive toilet paper

OK, come on.  You’re paying $289 per night for a room and they can’t spring for a roll or two of Charmin Ultra Soft?  Did the sandpaper manufacturers give them a particularly good deal?  

Towel hair

You know what its like.  You turn off the shower, reach for a towel and dry your face.  When you pull the towel away, you find a great big hair stuck to your face, and its clearly not yours (The hair, I mean. The face is most likely yours).  Yuck.

Forgetful internet

Crappy internet is pretty much a given at most hotels, so I won’t complain about that.  What irks me are the internet connections where you have to enter your name and room number not just once a day, but almost every time you open your browser.  If only computers had a way of storing information…

4 a.m. clock alarm set by previous guest

Its hard enough to get a good night sleep when traveling without this happening.  Every now and then, the guest who stayed before you had to get up early, really early, to catch a flight home.  And, the alarm is conveniently set to go off every day at 4 am.  You wish you had checked the alarm before going to bed…

In-room anti-sleep heater (or a/c)

You’re sound asleep in your hotel bed.  While you sleep, the temperature in your room slowly drops until it passes a threshold noticed by the in-room heater.  You are startled awake when the heater turns itself on with a loud click and a roar.  Over the next few minutes, the roar continues on and becomes a soothing white noise which lulls you back to sleep. Finally, the room’s temperature satisfies the heater, which stops abruptly with a loud click.  The click and the sudden silence startle you awake again.  If you’re lucky, you eventually drift off again.  But then the mercury drops lower…

Reader peeves

So, there you go.  Above are my top 5 particular hotel peeves.  I’m betting that everyone reading this has their own favorite peeves.  Please comment below!

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