Quick Tip: iConsumer Double Cash Back rates “already shown”

There has been considerable interest lately in a new portal called iConsumer due to it having significantly better cash back rates than most rivals for many merchants.  For example, for Visa gift cards purchased from GiftCards.com, iConsumer is offering 1.6% cash back (which makes the gift cards nearly fee-free):

iConsumer GiftCards

And, they’re offering 8% cash back for ebay (limited to $20 per month):

iConsumer eBay

And, 32% cash back at 1800Flowers:

iConsumer 1800Flowers

All of the above rates are far better than most competitors.  Then, there’s this…  iConsumer shows a banner stating that all rebates are doubled through January 30th:

iConsumer Double Cash Back

Some have interpreted this to mean that you’ll get double the rates shown in the portal: 16% from ebay, 3.2% from GiftCards.com, and 64% from 1800Flowers.

I didn’t believe that was possible, so I reached out to iConsumer customer support to ask whether the rates will be doubled or whether the displayed rates have already been doubled.  They answered with this wordy response:

Hi Greg,

The double rebate is already shown.

So, there you have it.  Unless customer support is mistaken, the rates shown have already been doubled.  This means that we can expect ebay to drop to 4%, GiftCards.com to drop to .8%, and 1800Flowers to drop to 16% when this promotion ends as of Sunday, January 31.  Ebay at 4% would still be worth talking about, but the other two would be in line with many other portals.

Shares of Stock too

It’s worth mentioning that iConsumer gives out shares of stock in addition to cash back.  It’s not yet known whether the stock will actually be worth anything, though.  So, if using the portal, I recommend picking it for its cash back rates rather than the possible extra value of the stock shares.  Then, if those shares turn out to actually have value, that’ll be a nice bonus!


iConsumer is a new portal, so It’s too early to know how reliable it will be.  For me, so far, purchases have tracked appropriately (within 24 hours each time), but as with most cash back portals, it can take months for cash back to become payable.  Also, unlike some portals, iConsumer requires earning $25 or more before they’ll send a check.

If you haven’t yet signed up for iConsumer, and you still want to despite the cautions, here’s my referral link (thanks!):

Name / LinkOfferFrequent Miler Notes
iConsumerWe'll each earn 100 shares of iConsumer stock if you use this link to sign up.In my experience, this has proven to be a reliable portal. With this portal you earn both cash back and shares in the iConsumer business. Requires $25 payable before they'll pay out.

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so previous purchases at giftcards.com effective today is only good for .8% CB, not 1.6%… assuming that the CB would be paid? or previous purchases before today or earlier would be paid only .8% as well?


Purchases before the promotion were at 1.6%, so iConsumer may have reducing the standard rate to .8%.


Ebay CB capped at $20 limit per month per account (presumably across all merchants), added to T&C on Saturday. Get creative.


below is iconsumer reply on tweeter: (wonder what else or other retailers they exclude the 2x CB although they have advertised it; feel iffy at best)

iConsumer Corp. ‏@iConsumerShop 4m4 minutes ago
Unfortunately the double cash-back does not apply to http://giftcards.com at this time.


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Hi sorry for question about different topic.
I could not load my go bank or bluebird with visa
Gift card(pin enabled) at walmart last week in San Diego.
Does anyone know of any problems at walmart now?
Also can someone tell me if MC gift cards ( pin enabled)
Can be loaded to either go bank or bluebird.
My cards are active and I have not been shut down by


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