(EXPIRED) Sam’s Club Membership Moneymaker: Quintuple Stack For $8.15 Profit & Free Chicken

UPDATE FROM GREG: In the original version of this post, Stephen mistakenly suggested that you might earn $10 as a new TopCashBack customer if you used my (Greg’s) referral link.  Stephen was wrong (and feels really bad about it!) — there was no such referral promo at the time.  Instead, we reached out to TopCashBack to ask if they could make our readers whole by moving cash earned in my account to yours.  Not only did they agree, but they offered to make up the difference in case my account falls short of enough cash back!

You are eligible for this $10 make-good if you signed up for TopCashBack with the referral link in this post between September 17th (when the post went live) and October 17th (when the post was fixed).

If you believe you are eligible, then please submit a support ticket to TopCashBack (if you haven’t already) before November 10th.  State that you signed up under the Frequent Miler Sam’s Club post which erroneously mentioned a $10 TopCashback signup bonus promotion.  If TopCashBack determines that your account is eligible, then you will be awarded $10 to your TopCashBack account once you’ve earned $10 or more by shopping through the portal.

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Thanks to the new Sam’s Club Amex Offer, it’s now possible to quintuple stack offers in order to get a free Sam’s Club membership, a free rotisserie chicken and earn a profit of $8.15.

If you’re a new user for any of the programs listed below, your profit can be up to $28.15 when taking into account new user bonuses from referrals.

This free Sam’s Club membership offer comes at the perfect time seeing as Q4 is just around the corner. That’s because wholesale clubs are a 5% category for both Chase Freedom and Discover cards from October 1 to December 31.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to take advantage of all these offers.

Sam's Club Membership Offer

Step 1 – Amex Offer

First up, load the new Sam’s Club Amex Offer to one of your cards. This Amex Offer gives $10 back when spending $50.

Step 2 – Dosh App

Sam's Club Membership Offer Dosh App

Link that Amex card in the Dosh App because they’re currently offering $20 cashback when getting a new Sam’s Club membership. Although Dosh is usually only for in-store offers, the terms of the membership offer specifically state that you’ll earn the $20 even if signing up online.

If you’ve not used Dosh before, here’s my referral link. I get $5 if you sign up and you get $5 as well which will increase your profit from this deal.

Step 3 – Acorns

Link that same Amex card to your Acorns account. Acorns has a program called Found Money which offers $10 cashback when using that linked card to pay for a Sam’s Club membership.

My understanding is that Dosh and Acorns have different systems on the backend, so these offers should stack.

If you’re new to Acorns, feel free to use one of our referral codes with our thanks – you’ll get $5 as will we when you invest at least $5:

Step 4 – Top Cashback

Top Cashback is currently offering 7% cashback on new Sam’s Club memberships. Seeing as membership costs $45, you’ll earn $3.15 cashback.

If you’ve never used Top Cashback before, here’s Greg’s referral link. He’ll earn $10 and I believe that you’ll earn $10 too. (update: it turns out that there was no $10 referral bonus — sorry about that!)

You’ll need to click through to Sam’s Club from Top Cashback, but don’t buy the membership just yet as there’s one more step.

Step 5 – Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is running their own membership offer, but it doesn’t show up when clicking the ‘Join’ link at the top of their website. You’ll therefore need to navigate directly to that offer.

Once you’ve clicked through from Top Cashback in step 4, copy this link and paste it into the URL bar. As that landing page shows, you’ll get a $10 Sam’s Club eGift Card, along with coupons for free and discounted products, including one for a free rotisserie chicken.

Sam's Club Membership Bonus Coupons

Pay for the membership with the credit card you added the Amex Offer to. Note that you’ll need to spend a further $5 at samsclub.com by October 17. That’s because you have to spend $50 to trigger the Amex Offer and a Sam’s Club membership only costs $45.

Final Total

Taking into account all the steps above, you should earn the following:

  • $10 (Amex Offer)
  • $20 (Dosh)
  • $10 (Acorns)
  • $3.15 (Top Cashback)
  • $10 Sam’s Club eGift Card (Sam’s Club)
  • Total = $53.15 – $45 membership fee = $8.15

So long as everything tracks correctly, you’ll end up with a free Sam’s Club membership, a profit of $8.15, a free rotisserie chicken and some additional coupons for Sam’s Club.

If you were a new user for all three of Dosh, Acorns and Top Cashback and used the referral links above, you’ll have earned an additional $20 back.

Other Options?

Those were all the stacking opportunities I could come up with to get a Sam’s Club membership and profit from it, but are there any other deals that can stacked to make this even better? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on November 4th, 2018

About Stephen Pepper

Stephen Pepper is on a 5 year, 50 state road trip with his wife Shae and their dog Truffles. Finding opportunities to earn miles and points is one of the ways they can afford to do this, so he'll try to help you do the same for your own travels.

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What about Ibota’s cashback offer?

Billy Bob
Billy Bob

You can actually take a picture of your computer screen as proof for them and send that in. It worked for me.


Most be bought in store at Kiosk for Ibotta.


Awe. Scratch everything I’ve said then.


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Too many stacks that are $10 each, needs to be quicker payback on time spent.


Has anyone received the sign up cash back from Dosh? What about the $10 from Acorns? I haven’t received either yet and it has been a few weeks.


Anyone have this error with Dosh before?
“This credit card is already linked to a dosh account”

I’ve never used dosh and no one else has my credit card…


I see a BJ’s offer in my Amex, but no Sam’s. 🙁


[…] Sam’s Club Membership Moneymaker: Quintuple Stack For $8.15 Profit & Free Chicken […]


There is no “I will earn $10” anymore.


Not impressed–‘You’ll get $10 from TopCashBack if you sign up through our link.’ ‘Just kidding–WE get $10, you could have gotten a better promotion and more money, but hey, we got paid.’

If you’re going to pull bait-and-switch like that, the money you made scamming your readers should have been given TO SAID READERS

Greg The Frequent Miler

To those who signed up for TopCashBack due this post (and were expecting a $10 signup bonus from TopCashBack), please read the update at the top of the post.


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