The Sears Amex Offer risky option: up to 30% off Amazon, Uber, Gas, and more


UPDATE 12/15/2016: It appears that portals may no longer be working for gift card reloads.

The original version of this post described using the “Spend $50, Get $10” Sears Amex offer in-store, but the offer’s terms require using it online at  This post has been updated accordingly.

Last week I detailed “Extreme Stacking the Sears Amex Offer“.  Through a series of machinations, I showed how one might be able to use the “Spend $50, get $10” Amex Offer to clear over 60% off almost anything from Sears or Kmart.  That’s pretty awesome, but I know that many readers aren’t prepared to go to those great lengths for a deal.  And many others want nothing to do with buying stuff from Sears or Kmart.


Whichever camp you’re in, there are alternatives, but this approach is risky.

As long as you have several Amex cards at your disposal (no fee Bluebird and Serve cards count too!), you may be able to use this deal to get up to 30% off gift cards to Amazon, Uber, Shell, and more.


Amazingly, as I write this, I see that the Sears offer is still available.  All you have to do is link your Amex cards to Twitter and then Tweet ” #AmexSears” to enroll.  Ideally you would create a separate Twitter account for each Amex card (including Bluebird and Serve cards).  If that’s too much trouble, you can register each of your Amex cards one by one as follows:

  1. Sync a card to Twitter (here)
  2. Register by tweeting the hashtag #AmexSears
  3. Un-sync your card here.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each Amex card.  You should change up your tweets slightly each time to avoid getting the message “Whoops! You already tweeted that!”  Simply add different text to your tweet each time, but keep the hashtag the same.  For example, you could tweet #AmexSears 1, then #AmexSears 2, etc.

For details about how to automatically enroll multiple cards in offers like these, please see: Complete Guide to Amex Offers.

Once you’ve enrolled, each Amex card will automatically get a one time $10 rebate when you spend $50 or more at Sears or on or before December 31 2016.

Start with reloading a physical Sears gift card

To trigger the Amex offer, you need to spend $50 at

  1. Find the best current portal for (here)
  2. Use your enrolled Amex cards to reload a Sears gift card $50 at a time
  3. Bring the gift card to Sears to try to buy a 3rd party gift card.

As reported in the previous post regarding this offer, I found that portals seem to work when reloading gift cards, but not when buying gift cards.  Portal cash back rates sometimes jump to about 10% cash back for Sears, so this would theoretically make it possible to get a total of 30% off gift cards (20% from the Amex Offer + 10% from the portal).

UPDATE 12/15/2016: It appears that portals may no longer be working for gift card reloads.

The problem is that most Sears employees have been trained not to allow people to buy gift cards with gift cards.  So, if you go this route, you might find yourself stuck with Sears gift cards that you don’t want.  To make redeeming the gift cards easier, make sure to reload a physical gift card.  When you buy things at Sears (including gift cards), you can pay without intervention from the cashier by swiping your physical gift card as long as your check-out total is less than $100.

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