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This page lists travel gear I own and love.  My goal is to share with you the stuff I like to travel with.  If you click through any of the links below and buy something (anything, not just the stuff shown here), I will get a referral fee.  For links that go to, make sure to read my post detailing how to maximize points per dollar at  Also note that if you care about Hawaiian Airlines miles, you can earn more miles by starting in their shopping portal instead of here.  In that case I won’t earn a commission, but I’ll be happy that you got a great deal.

More Peaceful Flying

The constant drone of jet engines, crying babies and other sounds can make an otherwise peaceful flight a stressful nightmare.  You could plunk down $300 for an expensive pair of noise cancelling headphones, or pay about $30 for these.  I’m sure the sound is not as great, but for me they do the trick.

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Kensington Noise Cancelling Headphones ( 33084 )


Better Hotel Internet

Don’t you hate when hotel wifi is slower than molasses?  Often, hotels have wired internet that is much faster. By taking along a pocket router, you can plug it into the hotel’s wired internet connection and get high speed wifi in your room.

Read my post “Better Hotel Internet” for more information.

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TRENDnet 300Mbps Wireless-N Travel Router Kit TEW-654TR (Black)


Better Hotel TV and Movies

I hate paying outrageous fees to watch movies in my hotel room.  Thanks to my wife, who bought me this steaming video player named Roku LT, I no longer have to pay anything!

Read my post “My second favorite Christmas present” for more information.

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Roku LT Streaming Player  


Better Motion

I love spinner suitcases!  With spinners you have the option to lug the case behind you in the traditional way or you can keep it upright and simply nudge it along as you walk down the airport concourse.  Spinners glide along with no effort at all.

Read my post “My favorite Christmas present” for more information.

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Samsonite Winfield 20″ Spinner

Note that this is not be the exact model I own (but it appears to be very similar) so I can’t explicitly recommend this one, but I do recommend spinners in general.

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Spinner Suitcases


Better Reading, Playing, Web Surfing, …

I don’t go anywhere without my tablet.  I own an iPad, but I would also be happy with a Kindle Fire or a Nook.  With any of these devices you can carry with you an endless reading supply, games, and movies.  Better yet, check your email, read your favorite blogs (Frequent Miler, of course!), and surf the web.

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Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi


Better Outlets

I travel with lots of devices: iPad, Roku Player, iPhone, pocket router, and more.  The only problem with all of these things is that you need outlets to plug them into.  And, if you’ve traveled at all, you know that outlets are not always in large supply.  That’s why I always travel with this Belkin surge protector.  It has three standard outlets and two USB ports.  Also, the prongs that plug into the wall can rotate so that you can always position this power strip in a way that works.

If you’re traveling internationally, a power strip like this is especially important.  All you need is a single power converter and this power strip to power and charge up to 5 devices at once.

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Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger


Better Power Adapter

I love this little device.  It’s small, cheap (currently only $3.20!), and ingenious.  Whenever I travel overseas, this little guy comes along.  It has little prongs that pop in or out in different configurations.  With this one device you have a power adapter that works almost everywhere.

If you’re traveling internationally, all you need is a single power converter like this one and a power strip like the one shown above to power and charge up to 5 devices at once.

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All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU


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