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40K to Far Away Afterglow. Help us design the next #40KFarAway challenge.

What a ride!  The 40K to Far Away challenge is done, the votes have been counted, and the Frequent Miler team is slowly settling back in to business as usual blogging.  Today, though, I’ll take a quick look back at the challenge and a look forward to what’s next… As you can see above, I earned the most votes for this challenge (thank you!), so I’m technically the winner.  A number of people have said,…

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Vote for your favorite 40K to Far Away trip! [Update: the votes are in]

Who won the 40K to Far Away challenge?  You’ll find the results of the voting poll at the bottom of this post.  Voting was open until Sunday October 20th at 10pm ET. Greg Nick Stephen Distance Traveled (click here for details) >18,000 miles ~16,061 miles ~13,394 miles Spend 40,000 points $397.08 Details here 23,500 points $398.70 Details here 40,000 points $382.44 Details here Notable Accomplishments Crossed African continent twice 27-hour sleeper car train journey across…

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Days 11-14 Of Stephen’s 40k: Beating The Casino, D.C. Segway Tour, Art & All The Way Back Home

The 15 year old grunger in me always wanted to be Rock Royalty

We left off day 10 of 40k To Far Away with me having to book a hostel-style Airbnb in Atlantic City. I’d planned to status match at Hard Rock Casino & Hotel to take advantage of getting two free nights with Rock Royalty status. What I hadn’t realized when planning my trip is that I’d be visiting the Friday and Saturday of Columbus Day weekend, so the hotel was booked up. Thankfully I’d left plenty…

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15 Reasons Stephen Should Win The #40kFaraway Challenge

Me and one of the trolls

So after 14 days of travel, my 40k To Far Away adventure finally came to an end last night. I might have technically traveled the shortest distance, but by a bunch of other metrics I feel like I traveled the “farthest”. Not convinced? Here are 15 reasons why you should vote for me as the winner of 40k To Far Away. 1) I Made It Home First off, returning home wasn’t part of the challenge,…

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23.5K to Far Away: How Nick can steal your vote for #40KFaraway champ

Hear me out on this: Yesterday morning, I revealed the disappointing news that I’d gone way over budget for the 40K to Far Away challenge. How could I possibly still convince you to vote for me? Because I did more for less. No, I won’t ask you to consider me as a winner based on my full itinerary as that wouldn’t be fair. Instead, I’ll tell you how I traveled farther than Stephen and almost…

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10 reasons to vote for Greg for #40KFarAway

Now that the Frequent Miler team has completed the 40K to Far Away Challenge, we will soon publish a poll to let readers decide who won.  With that poll, we’ll publish summary results: where did we go, what did we do, how much did we spend, etc.  But lists and statistics only tell part of the story.  To really understand our accomplishments, I think it is best to hear from each of us why our…

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How Stephen Toured Europe & Made It “Home” Again For 40K points & $400 (#40kfaraway)

I’m still traveling for 40k To Far Away, but my journey is due to end in just a few hours. Greg and Nick have already shared how they used their points and cash, so it’s time for me to account for mine. Over the last two weeks I’ve visited 6 different countries (not including a couple of countries where I had a layover but didn’t leave the airport), spent time in 9 different cities and…

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Less than 40K points used: Nick’s numbers for #40KFaraway

As Greg did on Monday, today I’ll account for all of my costs in the 40K to Far Away challenge. Many readers have been curious about how we booked our travels and stayed within the parameters of the competition. Spoiler alert: while I only used 40,000 points for my trip, I share a common characteristic with the majority of Americans (according to many surveys I’ve read): I overspent. I intended to stay under budget, but…

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Days 7-10 Of Stephen’s 40k: Trolls, Lots Of Flying & A Risk That Didn’t Pay Off

Little Tilde

To get a recap on what came before days 7-10 of my 40k To Far Away trip, check out the following posts: Days 1-4 Of Stephen’s 40k: Not Much Sleep, Lots Of Sights, Troll Hunting & More Days 5-6 Of Stephen’s 40k: Walking, More Trolls, Walking, Family, Walking & Sleeping Day 7 Day 6 saw me arriving at my parents’ place where I got a great home-cooked meal and only my second bed of the…

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