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40K Far Away: Who went farthest?

While Stephen finishes up the last couple of days of his trip, we’re each working on wrapping up our 40K to Far Away posts.  In addition to detailed trip reports, each of us will present an accounting: exactly how much did we spend in points and cash for everything (this includes food, tipping, subways, etc.)? In the meantime, we’re ready to present the total distance traveled by each of us (in Stephen’s case, it assumes…

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How Greg toured Madrid & Africa for 40K points and $400 (#40kfaraway)

Success!  With my meager 40K + $400 budget, I visited Washington DC; Madrid, Spain; Dakar Senegal; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Cape Town, South Africa.  I finally ended my journey on the island of Mahé in the Seychelles (lodging in the Seychelles was not included in this budget since it occurred after I declared that I was done).  Not counting small distance travel (walking, transport to/from airports, driving around Jo’burg, etc.), I traveled 18,037 miles and…

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Days 5-6 Of Stephen’s 40k: Walking, Sightseeing, Walking, Family, Walking & Sleeping

St Paul's Cathedral, London

My recap of days 1-4 of 40k To Far Away finished in Brussels, Belgium after a day of troll hunting in Boom. That wasn’t quite the end of day 4 though, as that evening I caught an overnight bus to Paris. Here’s what I got up to over the following couple of days. Day 5 Well, I say I caught an overnight bus, but it was more like a partialnight bus as I got into…

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How The 1st Flight Stephen Booked Affected The Rest Of His Trip


The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that in the video graphic produced for 40k To Far Away, it said my first flight from Newark-Toronto-Madrid only cost $115.45. Flights to Europe from the east coast to Europe are often cheap, but a sub-$120 one-way fare is pretty much unheard of other than the occasional Norwegian flight. There’s a reason for that – I didn’t book a $115 one-way fare, I booked a round trip ticket.…

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Greg’s South African adventures #40Kfaraway (featuring Johannesburg fun, train misadventures, Cape Town wine & penguins)

Wow. I had a great time on my 40K to Far Away adventures, but I’m beat!  I’m now in the Seychelles for a brief recovery (I slept 10 hours last night!) before flying off to join my wife in London. I wrote previously about my trip leading up to South Africa: Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures Greg’s visits to Madrid and Dakar In this post, I’ll cover my adventures within South…

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Nick’s (Mis)Adventures adding 30+ miles by bicycle

Earlier this morning, I posted the announcement that I had reached my end point in the 40K to Far Away challenge: Niue. However, en route to get here, I stopped in 3 cities in New Zealand with layovers of 8 hours or more (in addition to previous stops). With two of those long New Zealand layovers being overnight layovers, the only place I had time to really check out was Nelson, New Zealand. That was…

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Nick’s final new destination: Niue (#40KFaraway)

It’s official: I’ve come to the end of my 40K to Far Away road. I’ll soon be posting summaries of my stops along the way (and eventually a full cost report), but for now I wanted to at least show you the end of the road as this end point dictated the rest of the trip once I found it. My last stop is Niue — an island in the South Pacific with only 2…

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Days 1-4 Of Stephen’s 40k: Not Much Sleep, Lots Of Sights, Troll Hunting & More

Palacio de Cristal in El Retiro Park

We’re a week into 40k To Far Away but I’m only halfway through my trip. Even though I’ve not traveled as far as Greg and Nick so far, I’ve still managed to fit in a lot of stuff. Here’s a recap of how my first four days went. Day 1 I started off the day oversleeping, but a pre-arranged late checkout from the Hyatt Regency meant that didn’t matter, so I just watched TV in…

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Greg’s visits to Madrid and Dakar #40Kfaraway

One of the hardest things about travelling the 40K to Far Away Challenge is finding time to write.  Most of the time I’ve either been on the go or too tired to think.  Or both.  But now I’m on a 27 hour train journey to Cape Town, I’ve slept well, and so I’m ready to write.  Let me catch you up on some of my journey so far… What went before The journey started Wednesday…

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