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40K to Far Away: The Votes are In

The adventure began Wednesday October 2nd.  Nick, Stephen, and I met up in Washington DC to kick off the 40K to Far Away challenge. ...

What’s in Greg’s #40KFarAway Backpack? Version 2 (Guest starring a dog and a cat)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my 40K to Far Away practice run.  I was going to Denali National Park with Rapid...

DC Area Meetup: #40KFarAway Send Off (Oct 1, 8:30PM, near IAD)

For those who happen to be in the DC area on October 1, come join us for an informal gathering to send us off...
Stephen's 40k To Far Away Backpack

Stephen’s #40kFaraway: Everything That’s In His Bag (& A Few Things That Aren’t)

Ever since we decided to do the 40k To Far Away challenge, I've been keeping a list of everything I need to remember to...

Ultimate Rewards: How to book with points despite online limitations

This is a story of courage and bravery, love and loss, tragedy and excitement...  Just kidding.  It's not any of those things...  But it...

Nick’s #40KFaraway bag is packed. Here’s what’s not inside (and what is)

The path to the #40KFaraway challenge has been fun. When we hatched the idea for this challenge, I think we expected it to be entertaining...
Priority Pass Showers

Stephen’s #40KFarAway Research: Priority Pass Lounges With Showers

After a long flight, there's not much better than a refreshing shower. Even more so when you're doing the 40k To Faraway challenge and...

Greg’s #40KFarAway practice: Driving Denali

The 40K to Far Away Challenge is coming up soon!  Just over two weeks from now (October 2), Nick, Stephen and I will take...

Why Stephen should win #40KFaraway

Greg is the Frequent Miler. When we first announced the #40KFaraway challenge, I think it would have been fair for the average reader to assume...

Greg’s 40K to Far Away mistakes (yep, he’s already made a few) #40Kfaraway

I'm not excited about our 40K to Far Away Challenge.  "Excited" is too mild a word.  "Obsessed" is more accurate.  Nick, Stephen, and I...

Forget email, book Turkish awards over the phone (7.5K each way)

Yesterday, Greg posted about how you can buy enough Citi ThankYou points to fly from basically anywhere in the US to Hawaii for $386...
Marriott Protea Hotel Kruger Gate Marriott Rewards sweet spot

Hunting down a free safari

When researching my post "The best stopover deals worldwide," I came across a very interesting deal.  According to a couple of articles, Kenya Airways...

How to book the cheapest flights with Chase Ultimate Rewards

Google Flights makes it easy to find super cheap airfare deals like the one pictured above.  Within Google Flights, simply enter your origin city...
Stephen On A Pirate Ship

Stephen’s Top 13 Obstacles To Winning #40Kfaraway

Planning a long trip overseas can be hard. Planning for our 40k To Far Away challenge is even harder. Just when I think I've found...

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