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Possible fee-free Visa Gift Cards at AAA (very YMMV)

AAA is reportedly offering fee-free Visa Gift Cards at some locations. In the past, this promotion has been available at “Mid-Atlantic AAA” locations — though that the name doesn’t necessarily reflect the georgraphy (e.g. Mid-Atlantic AAA includes Kansas). See below for a list of areas included in that grouping, though it’s possible that this could be available in other areas. The Deal Possible fee-free Visa Gift Cards at certain AAA locations (unconfirmed which locations are participating,…

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Sprint Members: Get Free AAA Membership Renewals

Sprint AAA

If you have Sprint service, you can get free AAA membership renewals for as long as you’re a Sprint customer when linking your accounts. The Deal Get free Classic or Basic AAA membership renewals for as long as you’re a Sprint customer. This includes you and other family members who are also on Sprint. Register here. Also get: Exclusive member-only pricing. Free Safe & Found on up to 5 phones. 25% off eligible accessories. Key…

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Free Experian Credit Monitoring with AAA membership (for many)

Experian Credit Monitoring

You’re probably aware that many credit card companies provide credit scores to their members for free.  And, recently, Discover has begun offering free FICO credit scores from Experian for customers and non-customers alike: If you’re interested in monitoring not just your credit scores, but credit inquires too (and other info as well), you’ll have to look elsewhere.  Of course, you can get your complete credit reports from all three bureaus, for free, once per year from…

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