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Barclaycard’s 15,000 mile anniversary incentive

Barclaycard's 15,000 mile anniversary

My wife and I have a total of four Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCards (we have two each).  The cards began life as US Airways cards before the big airline merger.  Three out of four cards are long term keepers.  We signed up for these cards when Barclaycard offered an annual 10,000 mile bonus with each card.  Paying the annual fees is like buying 10,000 AA miles for $89, every year, with each card.  That…

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My final AA mileage run involved actual running. Here’s the story.

American Airlines mileage run

In the recent post, “How I screwed up my end of year AA mileage run,” I told the story of what I thought would be my last mileage run.  I had calculated my last flight’s EQPs (Elite Qualifying Points) incorrectly and was then about 2600 EQPs short of my goal.  With very few days left in the year to make up the shortfall, I cancelled an award flight to Florida and replaced it with a…

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How I screwed up my end of year AA mileage run

AA mileage run

Flight deals, especially the really great ones, rarely last long.  Once a great deal is publicized, it’s a race against the clock to find and book the deal before its too late.  Often, I miss these deals because I’m not at my computer at the time, or I find out about it too late, or the deal simply doesn’t work for me.  When I do catch the wave of one of these deals, it’s exciting. …

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