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Update: Possibly targeted Increased referral offers: Everyday, Everyday Preferred after minimum purchases

Update: This post was about increased offers that we saw this afternoon when updating our Best Offers page. However, it appears that they may be targeted and as such the offers shown below are once again the standard offers. See the updated post Better than best offers on some cards for more information on other offers that may be available to some. Those who have read our Membership Rewards sweet spots post and are on the…

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Awesome: Cross-brand Amex referrals now possible

As reported by Doctor of Credit, there has been a major change in the way that Amex referrals work, and it is awesome. In the past, one was only able to refer others to a card that you carried — that is to say that if you had a Blue Cash Preferred card, you could refer people to open the Blue Cash Preferred and earn a bonus for that referral only if they opened a…

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(EXPIRED) New Staples offer to stack: 2x Membership Rewards (extra 1x)

There is yet another new Amex Offer out today, this time for I found this offer on cards that earn Membership Rewards points: “Get 2x Membership Rewards points on purchases at” — though in really it’s an extra 1x (which does mean 2x on most cards — but it’s worth noting that if your purchase ordinarily qualifies for some other bonus, this offer only adds 1x more). This offer should stack with the Current Amex Offer for 10%…

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(EXPIRED) New extra Membership Rewards points offers

This morning, Amex is out with many new Amex Offers — some targeted and some widely available. In all, I count 29 offers/variations added to our Current Amex Offers database today. A number of offers are good for an additional Membership Rewards point per dollar, with a few being great opportunities if you find them on the right cards. Many cards that earn Membership Rewards are offering an extra point at various merchants over the next couple…

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Can you buy a car with a credit card and earn miles?

Can you buy a car with a credit card?

Can you buy a car with a credit card? If you’ve been in this miles and points world for more than a few minutes, you might have found yourself wondering how to go about earning miles on a car purchase. I recently found myself in the market for a car, and that prompted me to figure out how to maximize my mileage. A little background When I was in my late 20’s, I won a…

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[EXPIRED] Extra 1x at and other retailers

There’s a new offer out this morning to earn an extra Membership Rewards point per dollar at through 12/31/17. This would be in addition to your normal earnings. My wife and I found this on almost all of our cards that earn Membership Rewards, so this one looks to be widely available. Additionally, previously-targeted offers for an extra 1x at places like Exxon-Mobile, Toys R Us, etc now appear on the “Earn more points all year long” site…

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[EXPIRED] Save on Universal Studios, Gas, Lowe’s, more w/ new offers

It’s the first of the month, so there are a number of new Amex Offers out today, and some of them will be very popular. Here’s a sampling of what I saw that you might want to sync up: Universal Orlando: Spend $500 or more on a vacation package, get $100 back Where I found it: This one appears highly targeted — it only showed up on my wife’s Everyday Preferred in our household What you…

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