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Better than expected: Earn 5x & get loyalty credit w/ FHR prepaid bookings

Amex recently rolled out an enhancement for Fine Hotels & Resorts, a program open to Amex Platinum holders that guarantees some excellent benefits when booking luxury hotels. The key change is that if you book online and prepay for your stay, you can earn 5x Membership Rewards points. When we reported on this development, my strong expectation was that prepaid bookings would not earn hotel loyalty points, elite credit, or qualify for elite benefits. I was wrong. It…

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Amex FHR to award 5x points…here’s when it might be worth it

Update: When I wrote this post, I strongly suspected that prepaid FHR bookings would not earn hotel elite credit or qualify for status benefits or loyalty points. I was wrong. See this update: Better than expected: Earn 5x & get loyalty credit w/ FHR prepaid bookings. American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts is a program for Amex Platinum cardholders to get enhanced benefits at certain (usually higher-end) hotels. We’ve written about the program before and compared it to…

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A drawback of multiple Amex logins

One of the reasons I love Amex cards is for Amex Offers. Every year, I get substantial value out of offers. In an effort to be able to sync great offers to multiple cards, I started creating new logins with newly approved cards last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead as to the disadvantage this might present down the road…. Why I created multiple logins When a great offer comes out, I often hope to find it…

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Chase Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection vs Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts

Delano Las Vegas Fine Hotels & Resorts

When a friend asked me for advice last month about which credit card to get, I explained that you get a premium card for the benefits and another card on which to spend (See: Super credit card duos. What’s in your wallet? for some great pairs). One of my favorite benefits of premium cards are hotel booking programs, where you can get a ton of valuable benefits without any status beyond “cardholder”.  Recently, a reader asked…

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Fine Hotels & Resorts: Vermont

My wife’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Almost a year ago, I made some reservations and planned a surprise birthday trip that I knew she’d love. Then, in November, an incredible quick deal got posted here at Frequent Miler: the Four Seasons Palo Alto in California for just $35 per night. It turned out that the Friday after her birthday could be booked through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts for just $35. This was an incredible deal…

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