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After upgrade to SPG Lux, how soon do purchases count & trigger credits?

Despite previously stating that I would send my SPG / Marriott cards off into the sunset, I bit the bullet last week and upgraded to the SPG Lux card. Do as I say, not as I do. You can read more about why I went from likely canceling a card with a $95 fee to instead upgrading it to a $450 card in this post: Why the SPG Lux upgrade may be the way to go. In short,…

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Over 700K and slowing down. Should Ben go for 125K more?

When we last checked in on our “informed newbie”, Ben had pulled in over 600,000 points through signup bonuses in a 9 month span.  And, even though he had signed up for 10 cards in that time-frame, he was still under 5/24 thanks to his focus on business cards (which are not typically reported to the credit bureaus).  Please see my prior post for full details: Over 600,000 points and well under 5/24. Since that…

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New Marriott / SPG card restrictions

As has been rumored for a while, View from the Wing has confirmed new restrictions coming on the Marriott and Starwood credit cards. In a nutshell (more details to follow), those who have opened new Marriott, SPG, or Ritz credit cards in the last 2 years or who had one within the 30 days prior to applying will not be eligible for most new Marriott/SPG welcome offers. This is going to effectively lock most of us out from these bonuses for…

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