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Uh-oh. Amex is clawing back some airline incidental credits

Amex Airline Incidentals Credit Clawback

2020 is the year of the rat, but sadly American Express is trying to also make it the year of the RAT. Amex’s Rewards Abuse Team (RAT) is starting to send out notifications to cardholders that received a statement credit for airline incidentals and subsequently had that payment refunded by the airline. The email states the following: We’ve charged your account referenced above for $xxx and we would like to explain why. You already received…

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My $100 exclusive gift from Amex

The above flyer arrived in the mail today.  Amex had sent an “exclusive gift” in appreciation of my Card Membership.  This was probably thanks to my having a Platinum Card.  I’ve heard of others getting gifts like this, but this was a first for me. If you see an envelope like the one above in your mail, don’t toss it out!  It looks like junk mail, but it’s not. The flyer included a code for…

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Get 20K points per referral on Gold card (YMMV)

In late 2018, Greg wrote about Maximizing value from Amex multi-referrals. That year, American Express debuted the ability to generate a referral link that enables you to earn referral credit while enabling your friend(s) to choose the card that is best for them (see that post for more detail on how it works). That post was written to help you determine which of your cards you should use to generate referral links (since, for example,…

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(EXPIRED) Targeted 20% transfer bonus to Qantas from Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards is offering a targeted 20% transfer bonus to Qantas Frequent Flyer. As is often the case with Amex’s targeted transfer bonuses, there isn’t an end date listed, so this one may be of limited use unless you have an immediate need for Qantas points. The Deal Amex is offering a targeted 20% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to Qantas Frequent Flyer (check your login to see if you are targeted) With the bonus,…

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What’s in Stephen’s wallet?

Stephen's wallet 1

Greg and Nick have both recently shared what’s in their wallets, so I figured I’d get in on the act. I’ve a feeling my post will be a little longer than theirs as I have more cards in my wallet than most people likely carry and, to be honest, more than I probably need at any one time. Still, the whole purpose of this was to give you all a genuine look at what cards…

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What’s in Nick’s wallet?

Recently, several readers have asked us about doing a post on which credit cards are in our wallets here at Frequent Miler. Part of my own hesitation in taking up such a post is that the cards in my day-to-day wallet aren’t necessarily a reflection of A) what should be in my wallet, B) what should be in your wallet, or C) my full portfolio of credit cards, which includes many cards that get used in…

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Big new Delta offers: get up to 20K MQMs!

The Delta credit cards have increased their welcome offers to coincide with the new increased annual fee on the cards and the offers are pretty interesting. In addition to incentivizing cardholders to keep their cards beyond the first year by offering bonus miles at anniversary, Amex and Delta are offering an unprecedented 20,000 MQMs as part of the welcome bonus on one of them. Read on for the details of the new offers. The Offers &…

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A few new additions to our Best Offers

We endeavor to have the best Best Offers page on the Internet. That’s not a small task; at the moment, there are 155 credit cards on our Best Offers page. A week rarely passes when there aren’t necessary updates to offers, benefits, links, descriptions, names, or other details and we do our best to keep up with those changes. As I was doing some site maintenance yesterday, I stumbled on a few credit cards that were…

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Which is the best Amex Platinum card in 2020?

Over the past few years Amex has made huge changes to their Platinum card line up.  They’ve changed perks, increased annual fees, and eliminated a few co-branded options. Given all of this, it’s time to take a new look at which Platinum card is best.  This post has been updated for the year 2020. American Express has several varieties of their premium Platinum cards.  And, while they’re expensive, they’re loaded with great perks.  Which is…

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