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(EXPIRED) Avianca Offering 125% Bonus When Transferring LifeMiles To Another Member – Stack With Amex Transfer Bonus

Avianca LifeMiles Transfer Bonus

Avianca has launched an interesting promotion offering a 125% bonus when transferring LifeMiles to another member. While there’s a charge for transferring your miles, this has the potential to be a good deal when also taking advantage of the current Membership Rewards transfer bonus. The Deal Transfer LifeMiles to another member in multiples of 1,000 and get a 1,250 LifeMiles bonus. Direct link to offer. Key Terms This promotion is valid from March 26th to…

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The secret LifeMiles award chart

Let me start by saying that this post does not contain the secret LifeMiles award chart. But it does contain a convincing case that one may exist. Update: As pointed out by nfd and SteveH in the comments, there is currently a LifeMiles promo going for up to 31% off on Star Alliance flights. That explains much of the odd pricing in this post and likely shoots down the theory of a new award chart. However,…

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Does LifeMiles play favorites?

Avianca LifeMiles apparently has favorites. Greg has written about how Avianca LifeMiles mixed-cabin awards can be advantageous (See: Avianca LifeMiles’ awesome mixed-cabin award pricing. First class for less). In that post, Greg discovered that adding an economy class segment beyond your intended destination could decrease the overall cost of your ticket. But there’s more: Avianca plays favorites and charges more for some partners than others on mixed-cabin awards. How much you save is dictated by which…

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(EXPIRED) Transfer bonus: 15% more LifeMiles from Membership Rewards

Amex Membership Rewards is offering a 15% transfer bonus when transferring points to Avianca LifeMiles. Avianca already has some pretty great values and benefits to its award program, so getting an additional 15% for your points is a great deal if you’ve got Star Alliance redemptions in mind. The Deal Get a 15% transfer bonus when converting Amex Membership Rewards to Avianca LifeMiles though 4/1/19 With the bonus the transfer ratio is 1,000 Membership Rewards = 1,150 Avianca LifeMiles Key Terms Expires 4/1/19 Quick…

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(EXPIRED) LifeMiles for 1.35c each, no minimum [Targeted]

Loyalty Lobby reports that Avianca is offering a final sale of the year on LifeMiles through 12/30/18, and it’s a pretty solid deal. Whereas Avianca usually offers a sliding scale where you have to buy a large quantity of miles to get the best price, this time around you’ll get the same rate (a 145% bonus that equals a price of 1.35c per mile) whether you buy 1,000 miles or 100,000 miles. While I don’t often consider buying…

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(EXPIRED) LifeMiles Hotel Promo Returns: this time 3x miles for hotel bookings (one day only)

Avianca LifeMiles is offering 3x miles for hotel bookings. The last time they ran a similar promotion, it was with a slightly better offer (5x miles — see: [Dead] HOT deal: 5x LifeMiles with hotel bookings (30K on $390 booking), but it sold out in just a few hours. Today’s promotion (valid 12/5/18 only) started at 10am EST and ends at 10pm EST — though I doubt it will last that long. The Deal Get 3x Avianca LifeMiles when…

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(EXPIRED) Avianca LifeMiles: Buy Miles With A 140% Bonus (Buy For 1.375cpp – Targeted?)

Avianca LifeMiles Sale 140%

Avianca LifeMiles has a Thanksgiving week sale that’s offering a 140% bonus when buying miles, reducing the cost of buying their miles to 1.375cpp. There are no bonus tiers with this promotion – you’ll get a 140% bonus regardless of whether you buy 1,000 or 200,000 miles. Edit: Based on a comment below, it looks like the bonus is variable and so the offer is targeted. Check your emails to see if you’ve received a…

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(EXPIRED) 25% transfer bonus from Citi to Avianca

Citi is offering a 25% transfer bonus on transfers to Avianca LifeMiles. That could make for some fantastic values if you’re flush with ThankYou points. This one is just a short-term bonus — it expires 12/12/18. The Deal Get a 25% transfer bonus when transferring from Citi ThankYou Rewards to Avianca LifeMiles (1,000 ThankYou = 1,250 LifeMiles) Key Terms Offer is valid for transfers to Avianca LifeMiles completed by 11:59pm ET on December 12, 2018 Quick Thoughts My first thought is that…

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(EXPIRED) 140% bonus on purchased LifeMiles [Targeted, Buy from 1.375c per mile]

Avianca LifeMiles is offering a targeted 140% bonus on purchased miles, which brings the per-mile cost as low as 1.375c per mile if you buy big. While I don’t generally buy miles, there are certainly instances where this could make sense. The Deal Buy Avianca LifeMiles and get a 140% bonus on purchased miles [targeted promotion] You can try this link and log in when prompted to see if you’re eligible Key Terms Targeted to select accounts…

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