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Baby Steps: Getting a passport for an infant

How do you get a passport for an infant? Since starting our parenting 101 course earlier this year, we had to get our little professor a passport for our first field trip abroad, so we recently found ourselves asking that very question. Turns out you do it the same way as you do for an adult: take a picture, fill out a form, submit it with proof that you are you. There are a couple…

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Baby Rey has arrived, but is preparing for departure

A few months back, I mentioned that there was a big coming change in my life (See: Baby Reyes is on board and scheduled for arrival). Regular readers might have noted my absence from the blog for a few weeks recently — and I’m excited to announce that the much-anticipated arrival of Baby Rey came with only a minor delay (and it was a welcome one since I fell down a set of slushy stairs…

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