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Bank of America cards: awesome if you’ve got $100K lying around

Bank of America issues a number of cards with co-brands such as Alaska, Air France, Amtrak, Asiana, etc.  Clearly they started at the beginning of the alphabet when looking for partners (Spirit and Virgin Atlantic notwithstanding).  But this post is not about those cards. This post is about Bank of America’s own rewards cards: Cash Rewards, Travel Rewards, and Premium Rewards. None of Bank of America’s own cards would be interesting except for one key…

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BOA Platinum Honors: (now only until 5/1/19) Different treatment for Cash Rewards vs Cash Rewards for Business

UPDATE 4/10/2019: Bank of America has updated the terms of the Business Advantage Relationship Rewards program. Now, like with personal cards, the relationship bonus will be applied the the card’s entire earnings. For example, if you earn 3% cash back and have Platinum Honors, you’ll get 3% x 1.75 = 5.25% back.  For existing Cash Rewards for Business customers, this new approach starts with purchases made as of May 1 2019.  For new cardholders, this…

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