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Bank of America Spending Offers On Amtrak Cards (& Possibly Others?)

Bank of America Amtrak spending bonus

We recently covered spending bonuses being issued by Citi and Barclays; now Bank of America is getting in on the act. A reader has let us know about a couple of different targeted offers that she and her husband received on their Amtrak cards which are pretty generous considering how much Amtrak points are worth. The Deal Bank of America is sending targeted spending offers such as the following: Earn 5,000 bonus Amtrak Guest Rewards…

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What’s in Greg’s wallet?

Yesterday, in response to reader inquiries, Nick revealed the credit and debit cards he carries in his wallet.  Now it’s my turn.  But please note that these are not recommendations for what you should do.  Everyone’s circumstances differ.  What’s best for me likely is not best for you.  Further, I’m not arguing that what I have is necessarily best for me either (although I think it’s pretty good).  It’s just a list of cards that…

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Possible new BOA application restrictions: 3/12 or 7/12

Reports online from Doctor of Credit and reddit indicate that Bank of America has instituted new application restrictions that bear some resemblance to Chase’s 5/24 rule. Thankfully, the BOA rules allow at least a little more breathing room, though they still cap out new card applications more quickly than some will like. New Bank of America application rules: According to multiple reports, here are the new limits for those applying for credit card accounts with Bank…

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(EXPIRED) 10% back at United via Chase Offer / BOA ($29 max)

Check your Chase Offers (or also see Bank of America or other banks that use the same back end program) for an offer good for 10% back on a United Airlines purchase up to a maximum of $29 back. While it’s not huge, it’s $29 more in your pocket if you were already planning to book a United flight. The Deal A new targeted Chase Offer is out good for 10% back on a United Airlines purchase (up to…

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Bank of America cards: awesome if you’ve got $100K lying around

Bank of America issues a number of cards with co-brands such as Alaska, Air France, Amtrak, Asiana, etc.  Clearly they started at the beginning of the alphabet when looking for partners (Spirit and Virgin Atlantic notwithstanding).  But this post is not about those cards. This post is about Bank of America’s own rewards cards: Cash Rewards, Travel Rewards, and Premium Rewards. None of Bank of America’s own cards would be interesting except for one key…

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BOA Platinum Honors: (now only until 5/1/19) Different treatment for Cash Rewards vs Cash Rewards for Business

UPDATE 4/10/2019: Bank of America has updated the terms of the Business Advantage Relationship Rewards program. Now, like with personal cards, the relationship bonus will be applied the the card’s entire earnings. For example, if you earn 3% cash back and have Platinum Honors, you’ll get 3% x 1.75 = 5.25% back.  For existing Cash Rewards for Business customers, this new approach starts with purchases made as of May 1 2019.  For new cardholders, this…

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A product change that’s better than expected

Earlier this year, I decided that the time had come to relieve myself of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card’s annual fee. However, rather than cancel the card altogether, I called to see if it was still possible to product-change from the Alaska card to Bank of America’s no-annual-fee Cash Rewards Card (sometimes called the “3-2-1 card”). It was quick and easy to make that change (and I even got a refund of the annual…

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(EXPIRED) Easy $10: Download Bank of America App & Pay Credit Card Bill (Targeted)

Bank Of America App $10 Bonus

Bank of America is sending out targeted emails offering a $10 statement credit when you download their app and pay a credit card bill. The Deal Get $10 bonus when downloading the Bank of America app and paying a credit card bill. Key Terms Expires December 2, 2018. Activation required (link is within the email). This bonus is limited to those individuals who receive an offer from Bank of America; only the named recipients are…

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(EXPIRED) New $350 back on $3K offer on BOA Business Advantage Cash Rewards Mastercard

Bank of America has increased the offer on the Business Advantage Cash Rewards Mastercard — you can now get $350 cash back after making $3,000 in net purchases in the first 90 days (versus the previous offer of $200 back after $500 in purchases in sixty days). While the new offer requires a lot more spend, the extra $150 back on an additional $2500 in spend over the standard offer gives you an extra 6% back on…

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