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Arrival Premier is dead at 6 months

As was reported by View from the Wing, Barclays has completely pulled the Arrival Premier World Elite Mastercard for new applications. The card apparently never caught on and Barclays decided to cut their losses. I’m not surprised to hear that the card wasn’t a massive success (I’d be more surprised that someone at Barclays expected it would be), but I am surprised to see them quit just 6 months after launch (and 3 months after adding…

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[Expired] Arrival Premier waives fee, adding partners

Barclays has made a key update to the Arrival Premier World Elite Mastercard card, waiving the $150 annual fee for the first year. Additionally, View from the Wing reports that Barclays is planning to add two new transfer partners by the end of July. While those partners — Finnair and Alitalia — are not wildly exciting options (and surely won’t be 1:1 transfers), he also reports that there is another more interesting partner in the works.   The…

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Aeroplan newest transfer partner for Arrival Premier

amex offers

Barclays has added a new transfer partner for the Arrival Premier: Aeroplan. This is an interesting addition, and probably not in the way that Barclays would have hoped. Considering the fact that Aeroplan will cease to be the loyalty program of Air Canada in 2020, and there are cards that earn more Aeroplan miles with a lower fee on the market, adding Aeroplan as a transfer partner isn’t much of an improvement. However, on the bright…

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Was I crazy in saying that the Arrival Premier can be interesting?

When the new Barclays Arrival Premier launched last week, I took some heat from readers who thought I wasn’t negative enough about it. To be clear, I don’t think the card is for everyone — and in fact don’t think it’s a fit for me at this stage for reasons I’ll include at the end — but I think that the value can be pretty good if you can take advantage of transfers to Japan Airlines.…

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[Expired] Barclays Arrival Premier details: Not 1:1 transfers, but great for Japan Airlines miles

As reported by The Points Guy, Barclays is out with the details of the much anticipated Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite Mastercard. Greg was right that transfer ratios are not 1:1 (See: More about Arrival Premier transfer partners (from my source), and why the card might not be all that), but it’s still not necessarily bad. There is no signup bonus and the transfer partners are more niche than we may have expected, but this card…

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[Expired] More about Arrival Premier transfer partners (from my source), and why the card might not be all that

  Last week I excitedly revealed that Barclays’ not-yet-announced Arrival Premier card would offer transferable miles.  In my opinion, transferable points rewards are the best form of rewards.  And having a new option for earning transferable points is great.  No question. Since I published that, Doctor of Credit has revealed more about the card.  He somehow got his hands on a complete screenshot of Barclays’ (presumably beta) website for the new card (DoC published the…

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Barclays Arrival Premier to offer transferable miles! [via unnamed source]

UPDATE: The card described in this article is no longer available.  Original content follows… Doctor of Credit recently broke the news that Barclays appears to be on the verge of releasing a new credit card.  A source has confirmed to me that this is true and has given me a bit more to go on.  First, though, here’s what Doctor of Credit reported: Card Name: Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite Mastercard Annual Fee: $150 [Update…

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