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Maximize your Daily Getaways

As I’m sure you’ve read from many other blogs already, the fifth week of Daily Getaways is now viewable.  There are some pretty sweet deals coming too!  With each of these deals, you can save an additional 10% by using an American Express card, but you can do even better!  As long as each deal you want is $500 or less, follow this recipe to maximize points and cash back: Buy $500 Amex gift cards…

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Maximize gas station points and savings

Here are ways to ease the pain at the pump.  Last month I published ways to maximize points per dollar at  Now, with gas prices rising through the roof, it’s time to look at what we can do to ease the pain at the pump.  There are quite a few really good options, but each depends on which credit cards you carry.  If you carry a card that automatically gives extra points for gas…

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