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Bluebird Migration: Is this the next or final chapter in Bluebird manufactured spend?

Last week InComm and Amex announced that InComm would acquire American Express' Serve technology platform (which also includes Bluebird and REDbird) and would become the exclusive distributor of all Amex prepaid cards in the...
Bluebird and Serve accounts frozen

Amex freezes Bluebird and Serve cardholders off-schedule

UPDATE: This round may be limited to people who somehow opened a new card on March 4th after having their old card frozen.  See post comments for details. Amex has again sent out emails to...
Bluebird and Serve accounts frozen

Amex lowers the boom on Bluebird and Serve again

Exactly 9 weeks ago, Amex lowered the boom on many Bluebird and Serve cardholders. While they didn’t outright shut down accounts, they did bar them from loading new funds.  Most people with frozen accounts...
walmart moneycenter kiosk

Bet You Didn’t Know: A Map of Walmart MoneyCenter Kiosk Locations

By Julian, author of Devil’s Advocate...  I'm filing today's post under the category "better late than never." Or maybe that should be "better late than never?" I've been meaning to write up this tip for a couple...
5 Year Retrospective

Your Serve or Bluebird is still alive. Now what?

Late last week, Amex delivered bad news to huge numbers of Bluebird and Serve account holders.  They shut down accounts due to “unusual usage patterns.”  I reported the news here:  Amex kills Bluebird and...
Liquidate Visa and MasterCard gift cards

Bluebird Serve Birdpocalypse: How to liquidate remaining gift cards

This morning Amex delivered bad news to huge numbers of Bluebird and Serve account holders.  They shut down accounts due to “unusual usage patterns on your American Express Serve Account.”  I reported the news...
Bluebird and Serve accounts frozen

Amex kills Bluebird and Serve for many

Amex seems to have swept through all Serve and Bluebird accounts to identify any that were being used to manufacture spend.  Identified account holders received emails today as follows: Dear , We are writing to let...
REDbird is dead bird

I’m calling it. REDbird is dead bird.

Sometime on the morning of October 12th 2015, REDbird in-store debit loads stopped working.  Cash loads continued to work, but debit loads did not.  And, it wasn’t just gift cards that failed -- regular...
Manage multiple blluebird, REDbird, Serve

Managing multiples: Bluebird, REDbird, Serve

Note: As of 10/13/15 the Target REDcard (REDbird) can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard. For more info, see: Here is the...

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