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Amex neuters the Campus Edition card

The American Express Campus Edition card has been a nice little point earner for those with a credit card that earns a bonus at bookstores (see “Exercising the Amex Campus Edition card”).  Unfortunately, Amex has sent an email to cardholders saying that beginning February March 1, 2015, they will no longer be able to load funds onto your card at the register at participating bookstores. Here’s the email: We are writing to inform you of…

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Serve Student Edition?

Several times in the past I’ve written about the American Express Campus Edition card.  Most recently, I wrote: Exercising the Amex Campus Edition card.  This card can be bought and reloaded at Barnes & Noble Campus bookstores.  Those with easy access to a campus bookstore and a credit card that offers a good bookstore bonus can do well with these cards.  That said, reloads are limited to $6,000 every 12 months, so the opportunities for…

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Exercising the Amex Campus Edition card

It’s been almost two years since I first wrote about the American Express Campus Edition card.  At the time, I found the card interesting, but there were better and easier point earning opportunities available.  As a result, my Campus Edition card languished in a drawer.  For review, here are the basics of the card: One per person Loadable at Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstores with a credit card for a $3.95 fee Maximum register load:…

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