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JCPenney gift cards 30% off!

Today and tomorrow Cardpool is offering JCPenney gift cards at 30% off!  Once you have the gift cards, you might want to go through ShopAtHome which currently offers 10% back on all JCPenney purchases until June 24!   Buy / sell If you’re thinking of buying and selling these gift cards, take a look at my not so good experience (see “Gift card churning gone wrong”).  I’m still sitting on some of the 25% off…

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Gift card churning gone wrong

I’ve written a few posts about how to buy and sell discounted gift cards in order to add spend to your credit cards.  In general, you won’t make much money from doing this, but if you’re trying to meet minimum spend it’s a great idea.  Or so I thought.  Life has not been good for me in gift card buy/sell land lately: TopCashBack used to give 4% cash back for selling gift cards to PlasticJungle,…

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JC Penney gift cards 25% off today and tomorrow only

I just received an email from CardPool telling me: For the next 48 hours, you can get JCPenney Gift Cards for 25% off! This is a great deal if you’re interested in buying things from JC Penney.  Otherwise, If you’re interested in working off a credit card minimum spend, it looks to me that you can buy and sell these for a fixed 2% loss as follows: UPDATE: CURRENTLY PLASTIC JUNGLE IS ONLY OFFERING 65%…

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TopCashBack is a game changer

Recently reader John W tipped me off about a new cash back site named TopCashBack.  He had found that TopCashBack offered the best cash back rates for buying and selling gift cards through sites like PlasticJungle and Cardpool.  TopCashBack’s rates were so much better than the other cash back sites that I had to redo my entire “cheat sheet” showing how to buy and sell gift cards (you can find the cheat sheet here, or…

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Evening News

ShopAtHome Using the ShopAtHome cash-back portal, I tested the approach of getting 1.6% back for selling gift cards to  Amazingly, not only did this work, but I received 1.6% of the gift card’s face-value which is more than 1.6% of the amount I sold the gift card for!  Has anyone else tried this?  I’m curious whether this was a mistake on their part? By the way, I received a check from CardPool just a…

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