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Delta’s jets don’t pull themselves

On Friday morning I’ll join 19 other “Global Hashtags”  teammates for the Delta Jet Drag competition.  Our goal appears to be to pull a jet faster than any other team.  The real goal, though, is to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Take a look at this video from last year showing people pulling jets:   You would think that Delta’s jets could propel themselves.  I guess not.  It looks like we’ll be competing…

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Give to charity, fly free

Using a travel rewards credit card to give to your favorite charities is a great way to do good in the world and earn points and miles.  With most cards, you will earn 1 point per dollar donated.  Depending on how much you value those points, that could mean more than 2 cents value per dollar donated. I recently discovered, though, that you can do even better with the FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature credit…

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