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(EXPIRED) Chase Offer: 10% back on Alaska purchase [Targeted, max $30 back]

Alaska Airlines

There is another new targeted Chase Offer out good for 10% back on Alaska Airlines purchases. That’s a good deal to stack with the current promotions from Alaska for double miles on some transcon routes and/or the fast track to status. If you’ve got this offer on a Chase Ritz-Carlton card, you may even be able to stack it with the Visa Discount Air program on your mileage run segment run (though that would probably be a poor use…

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Chase Offers Not Available On All Chase Credit Cards (Visa vs Mastercard)

Chase Offers expiry dates 12.04.18

When Chase rolled out Chase Offers in November 2018, they advised that it would be available on all their personal credit cards. A couple of months later, this doesn’t seem to be true. When logging in to the Chase app, all of my credit cards have Chase Offers available with the exception of one card – the IHG Premier credit card. Now, I don’t use the IHG Premier card for anything other than paid IHG stays,…

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(EXPIRED) Nice stack at Staples: 30% back + 10% back

Chase has released a new Chase Offer for Staples good for 30% back (up to $19). The good news is that this offer should stack with the previous Chase Offer for 10% back (up to $6) for a total of up to $25 back if you were to spend $63.33 or more, though we do not yet have data points definitively confirm this. I’ll be testing it out this weekend, though I expect they will stack. That should make…

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Chase Offers Expiry Dates Might Not Be Fixed After All

Staples Chase Offer New End Date

A couple of weeks ago we shared that the expiry dates for Chase Offers were fixed, so it was best to add the offers immediately seeing as the end date wouldn’t be extended if you waited to add the offer. It turns out that in some cases that’s not strictly true as some Chase Offers are having their expiry dates extended. The conclusion that it makes sense to add the offers immediately still holds true…

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New Chase Offers: Walgreens, Sephora, Five Guys, Casper (available on more cards also)

There are new Chase Offers showing up over the past few days, and I’m now also receiving offers on all of my personal Chase cards (whereas I previously did not have offers on a couple of cards). Caps remain odd amounts, but it’s worth logging in an adding them in case they become useful (especially since we know that they are no longer extended by waiting to add them). The Deal Chase is out with some new Chase…

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Chase Offers Expiry Dates Are Now Fixed Rather Than Ongoing

Chase Offers expiry dates

When Chase Offers were trialed last year on Marriott and Slate cards (and then Hyatt), they were listed with expiry dates. Nick subsequently noticed that if you didn’t add the offers immediately, the expiry date would be pushed further into the future. With the recent expansion of Chase Offers to all their personal cards, that quirk has changed. Chase Offers now seem to work in the same way as Amex Offers in that they have…

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(EXPIRED) Walgreens Chase Offer: Get 10% Back (Limit $5 Cashback – Targeted)

Walgreens Chase Offer

It’s worth frequently checking your Chase Offers as new ones seem to appear every day. One of the new ones is a targeted offer for Walgreens offering 10% back. The Deal Earn 10% back at Walgreens. Key Terms Must activate offer on card. Expires December 14, 2018. Maximum cashback of $5. Excludes prescription purchases, alcohol, lottery, gift cards, licenses, money orders, money transfers, prepaid cards, stamps, or other mail services. Quick Thoughts The limit of $5…

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New Chase Offers for Staples, Olive Garden, Cinemark (10% back, low caps)

While the cap is disappointingly low, there is a new Chase Offer out good for 10% back at Staples. You can only get a maximum of $6 back — so your max purchase price is $60 to get this bonus. Still, that might be worthwhile in conjunction with this week’s 10% discount on Happy gift cards (See: Get Happy: 10% off “Happy” cards next week at Staples). I also saw 10% back at Olive Garden and on Cinemark Movie…

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Chase Offers: 10% back at Lowe’s, Office Depot, Starbucks, Advance Auto, more

New Chase Offers are out today for many merchants, including 10% back at Lowe’s (up to $12 back), 10% back at Office Depot, 10% back at Starbucks, and quite a few other merchants. Note that I did not see these offers until I updated my Chase Mobile app, so if you’re still not seeing Chase Offers it’s worth trying that. Note that not everyone is targeted for all offers and some cards may not be showing offers. For example, I don’t have the Office…

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