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Bonvoy restores joy: Platinum status being reinstated

Yesterday, we published a post about problems with Marriott elite status (See: No joy from Bonvoy: Ritz cardholders downgraded to Gold). Specifically, many people had been downgraded from Marriott Platinum (50-night status) to Marriott Gold (25-night status). This was primarily happening to those who opened Ritz-Carlton credit cards last year to earn old 50-night status with Marriott (formerly called Gold) under the expectation that they would keep 50-night status with Marriott (now called Platinum) through…

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No joy from Bonvoy: Ritz cardholders downgraded to Gold

Update: 10:31pm Eastern 3/4/19: Good news — we’ve received word that this has been fixed. See a full update here: Bonvoy restores joy: Platinum status being reinstated. Update 7:18pm Eastern 3/4/19: Not much news to report, but we did hear back from our Marriott contact today telling us that they are looking into it and to stay tuned. Additionally, the Marriott Lurker on Flyertalk published this response to questions there about this issue: This issue has…

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On my mind (Ritz-Carlton addition edition)

At the start of the week I had no intention of writing about Marriott all day, everyday, but things happen.  On Monday, I published my Marriott Bonvoy Complete Guide and figured that would be enough about Marriott for a while.  But then I realized that it was past time to publish up-to-date tips on earning Marriott Platinum status, so on Wednesday morning I published “10 Shortcuts to Marriott Platinum Elite status (2019 edition).”  I definitely…

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It’s dead: Ritz card no longer available

The Points Guy is reporting that the Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite card is dead. Sometime today, Chase stopped accepting new applications for this card without any notice. That is very unfortunate for those who were hoping to hold off until the last minute to apply before the merger. We had previously said that now was the time to make a move on this card (See: Consider getting the Ritz-Carlton card right now) as it presents a sweet opportunity…

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Ritz-Carlton fee credits: What works? (reader data needed)

Due to sweet opportunities, I know that many readers have recently picked up the Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite card. One of the benefits this card carries is $300 in annual airline fee reimbursements. While things like seat upgrades and lounge access officially count for reimbursement under this credit, many readers want to know what unofficially works in terms of gift cards and fees that might not appear to fall into the list of qualifying charges. We…

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New details on Marriott & Ritz cards: no more elite credit per $3K spend, free night changes, more

Chase has confirmed details about the Chase Ritz-Carlton and Chase Marriott Business cards, as well as details on how the new free night awards will work. Most of the key pieces are things we expected, though there is a bit more detail to fill in the blanks. One major negative change: the business version of the Marriott Rewards card will no longer earn an elite night credit per $3,000 spend when the new benefits launch on August 26th.…

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The huge wins in yesterday’s Marriott announcement

The sky didn’t fall yesterday; on the contrary, it’s the award prices at some of the most aspirational SPG properties that will fall during a brief window of opportunity later this year. Marriott’s newly announced unified program was highly anticipated, with many longtime SPG enthusiasts fraught with trepidation over the unknown future of the combined program in part due to the rumors swirling about Marriott’s intentions. In the end, most of the changes turned out to…

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$64 RT per person Orlando <-> Los Angeles

jetblue blue flex

In this morning’s Last Chance Deals post, we mentioned that a great fare we posted last week is still alive: $114 round trip in either direction between Orlando and Los Angeles. While that fare is already great, a reader pointed out that it can get even better with the Visa Infinite Discount Air program from the Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa or CNB Crystal Visa Infinite, which will give you a $100 discount if you’re booking 2 or more people, which could…

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Chase Ritz / Intermix Offer: $150 off of $750 (Targeted?)

Lately, it seems that Chase has been trying to copy the types of offers we more commonly see from Amex. Today, I received the following email for a $150 off if I spend $750 or more at INTERMIX with my Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa card: The coupon code appears to be a unique, single-use coupon code, meaning that this offer is targeted — though perhaps it has been targeted to all Chase Ritz-Carlton holders? Can you stack it? Interestingly,…

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