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(EXPIRED) Chase Pay / Best Buy Promo: Now 10% / 10X On Other Chase Cards

Chase Pay Best Buy Chase Sapphire Reserve

We shared a Quick Deal yesterday about a Chase Pay / Best Buy promo which – at the time – was only available for Chase Freedom cardholders. Chase have sent out emails today offering this deal to other cardholders. Here’s what you need to know: The Deal The Deal Get 10% cash back / 10X points when spending up to $300 at Best Buy and paying with Chase Pay. As previously mentioned, this was only available for Chase Freedom cardholders yesterday. However, my…

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(EXPIRED) Use Chase Pay At ShopRite For 10% / 10X On $400

Chase Pay at ShopRite

There’s a new spending offer available when using Chase Pay at ShopRite. It started running on January 1, 2018 and goes through to February 4, 2018 – here’s how to take advantage of the deal. The Deal Spend up to $400 in purchases at ShopRite during the promotional period and earn a total of 10% or 10X when paying with certain Chase cards and using Chase Pay. Here are the promotion landing page links for each eligible…

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Get approved for the Sapphire Reserve 100K offer despite 5/24

Sapphire Reserve 100K

A new, updated version of this post has been published, please click here to view the new post: How to get approved for the Sapphire Reserve 100K offer Update 8/23/2016: Some of the recommendations in this post were motivated by the Chase Special Reconsideration Form. Unfortunately, as of yesterday (8/22), Chase has discontinued the Special Reconsideration Form for Personal Card Exceptions (but the business form still exists). Sapphire Reserve 100K Offer Previously I gushed about…

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More awesome news about the Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Last week I detailed rumors of a new Chase card to be named Chase Sapphire Reserve, and I made a number of predictions about the card.  At the time we didn’t have hard proof that the card really existed, but proof and details have since emerged.  My own banker confirmed the existence of the card, and Doctor of Credit published actual screenshots of Chase’s internal communication about the card to their bankers. Here’s what we…

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Chase Sapphire Reserve’s $1200 question

Chase Sapphire Reserve

This is fun!  Right on the heels of Citibank’s announced devaluation of their high-end Citi Prestige card, comes the rumored release of a new high-end competitor:: Chase Sapphire Reserve.  There has already been a lot of ink spilled over this rumored card, but I haven’t yet seen anyone else ask the $1200 question… The Chase Sapphire Reserve (rumored) details So far, most of what we think we know comes from mvcore on Flyertalk who reports…

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Chase Private Client and Sapphire Preferred 65K

Chase Private Client Benefits

In 2012, after setting up an LLC for my blog, I opened a business checking account at a local Chase branch.  Since then, Chase has been my primary bank for both business and personal checking.  Last year, my Chase banker called to invite me to the Chase Private Client program.  For years, my wife had been invited to join the program whenever she logged into her Chase account, but the same didn’t happen to me. …

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ThankYou transfer to AA; Wyndham surprises; Rite Aid drops debit loads: My 2016 Predictions

2016 predictions

Welcome to 2016! Yesterday I proved that my odd-numbered-year predictions are not so good, but we know that I’m really good with even-numbered-year predictions.  In other words, my 2014 predictions were mostly right whereas my 2015 predictions were mostly wrong.  So, obviously, my 2016 predictions will be spot-on.  You can practically take these to the bank… Citi will add American Airlines as a new ThankYou Rewards transfer partner I agree with Lucky on this one. …

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Sapphire Preferred 50K to 60K, and Freedom 15K offers coming soon

Sapphire Preferred 50K

Via an inside source, I’ve learned that Chase plans to offer increased signup bonuses for the Sapphire Preferred and Freedom cards.  The expected go-live date is November 16, but sometimes deals like these appear a bit sooner in some channels, such as through Chase’s refer-a-friend program. Both cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  With a premium card like the Sapphire Preferred card, points are transferable to a number of airline and hotel programs.  For more…

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Chasing Ultimate Rewards

I was bummed the other day when I logged into my Chase account and saw that my Ultimate Rewards point total had dropped to a meager 100,000 points.  In the past, I’ve earned what seemed like an unlimited supply of Ultimate Rewards points through generous signup bonuses, regular introductions of new or altered Chase Ink products, my having multiple businesses (and thus being able to sign up for the same business card multiple times –…

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