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Now 125K for Companion Pass, points don’t expire

As was reported by a number of outlets yesterday, Southwest Airlines has announced that, effective January 1, 2020, the Southwest Companion Pass will require earning 125,000 Rapid Rewards points within a calendar year. That’s an increase of 15,000 points over the current requirement of 110K points. This only affects those looking to earn the pass in 2020 for use through December 31, 2021 — if you have earned or are en route to earning 110K points this year,…

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Does Chase ever deny the bonus after approval? Apparently, yes.

Last night, we published a post about what we thought could be an awesome new way to get a Companion Pass (see the updated post: Update: Maybe you can’t get a 2nd Southwest business card after all). We were (probably) wrong about it, and for that, we apologize. Here’s a recap of what we thought, what we know, and what we don’t yet have enough data about. The most interesting piece for us was the…

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Update: Maybe you can’t get a 2nd Southwest business card after all

Southwest Companion Pass without flying

Caution: Reader V L reports that even though it is possible to get approved for a second Southwest business card you may not receive a second bonus.  Data points around the Internet are mixed, but Chase has definitely denied the bonus on a second co-branded card before (see a comment about the United business card on this post and this comment on the Marriott cards). On the other hand, there has been at least one report of…

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Why nobody should spend $12K to get 60K Southwest Rapid Rewards

Yesterday, the welcome offers on all three of the consumer Southwest Airlines credit cards increased to 60,000 total points. At this time of year, that’s usually a welcome sight as it has in the past given customers the easy opportunity to earn a Companion Pass good for nearly 2 years by applying for the cards now and completing the required spend on two credit cards in January. Unfortunately, things have changed. One can no longer…

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