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“Must have” Chase cards

The other day I was working on a post detailing a first year credit card signup strategy for someone new to the points & miles game.  I didn’t finish the post because I got bogged down with the question of which Chase cards to recommend. As a result, I decided that the topic of “must-have” Chase cards required a post of its own.  This is that post. Chase has quite a few excellent cards, but…

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$15 off $60 at Amazon (again) w/ 1 Chase point returns

[Update 8/5/19] This deal is back (and targeted) again. It was live a few days ago and is live a second time for those targeted. (H/T: Miles to Memories) Update 6/9/19: According to Doctor of Credit, more people are being targeted for this offer, so it’s worth checking if you weren’t able to take advantage of this deal last time. Be sure to keep an eye on the checkout total though. I was targeted last time…

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New offers bypassing 5/24 (black star “Just for You” offers)

In the time since Chase instituted the 5/24 rule, there have been various opportunities (some which have come and gone) to get around the inability to be approved if you’ve opened 5 or more new credit cards with any bank in the past 24 months. One of those opportunities has been through pre-selected offers that show up under the “Just for you” section of your Chase online account with a green star. Reports have been…

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(EXPIRED) Chase Offer: 10% back on Alaska purchase [Targeted, max $30 back]

Alaska Airlines

There is another new targeted Chase Offer out good for 10% back on Alaska Airlines purchases. That’s a good deal to stack with the current promotions from Alaska for double miles on some transcon routes and/or the fast track to status. If you’ve got this offer on a Chase Ritz-Carlton card, you may even be able to stack it with the Visa Discount Air program on your mileage run segment run (though that would probably be a poor use…

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(EXPIRED) Get $15-25 (1.5K-2.5K Ultimate Rewards points) by trying Google Pay [Targeted?]

Update: Some readers have reported receiving the same offer but for only $15. See screen shot below (H/T: Reader Christian). Chase is offering $25 cash back or $15 cash back (2,500 / 1,500 Ultimate Rewards points) when you add your Chase Freedom card to Google Pay and use it to make 3 transactions during April 2019. This offer may be targeted (and in fact it likely is targeted at leas tot hose who have not yet used their card with Google…

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[Expired] Staples fee-free Mastercards 3/24-3/30/19

Staples has released its weekly add and this Sunday will be offering $200 Mastercard Gift Cards with no purchase fee. What’s more, the ad does not mention a limit per customer or transaction. The Deal Staples will be offering fee-free Mastercard gift cards from 3/24/19-3/30/19 Direct link to weekly ad (see page 3) Key Details Valid 3/24/19–3/30/19. No stated limit Quick Thoughts Note that Mastercard gift cards have been subject to a higher rate of fraudulent draining than…

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New Chase sign-up bonus tracker: See how much you need to spend

Chase has added a new feature both to the new desktop login and the Chase app so that you can now clearly see how much you need to spend to complete the minimum spending requirement to receive the sign-up bonus on a new card. This is a great feature that makes it easy to track where you are, which is especially helpful if you’re trying to time a bonus just right. Update: As of the time of writing, reports indicate…

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Chase: $5 statement credit for going paperless [Targeted / YMMV]

I don’t know how widely available this will be, but my wife received an offer today when logging in to her Chase account to receive a $5 bonus for going paperless on one of her accounts. Truth be told, she hadn’t used that account in a while and we therefore hadn’t realized it wasn’t set up for paperless delivery. This is probably targeted, but the terms indicate that you are limited to one $5 statement credit per year,…

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Is the Freedom Unlimited 3x everywhere offer worth a 5/24 slot?

Last year, the Chase Freedom Unlimited briefly offered a sign-up bonus of 3x everywhere for a year. Yesterday, Doctor of Credit reported that this offer has returned in-branch, albeit this time with a cap: earn 3x everywhere on the first $20,000 in purchases in the first year. There’s no doubt that 3x Ultimate Rewards on every purchase sounds awesome, but with Chase applying the 5/24 rule to so many of its best cards, is it worth…

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