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Chase resumes approving business card applications

During the first 6 months (or so) of the pandemic, Chase stopped approving most business card applications.  Fortunately, it appears that Chase is once...

Chase Ultimate Rewards Complete Guide 2020

Chase Ultimate Rewards is a transferable points program available through a number of Chase cards.  In my comparison of transferable points programs, Chase Ultimate...

COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide

Travel rewards credit cards don't have the same appeal during a pandemic.  To keep our business, card issuers have been throwing temporary new perks...

What should you do about your Freedom card collection? Is there a new ultimate...

Yesterday, Chase had a bombshell announcement: a new Freedom-series card, called the Chase Freedom Flex, is coming on September 15th. Whether you are over...

3x dining & drugstores on new Chase Freedom Flex & Freedom Unlimited (and 5x...

Chase has shaken things up this morning with an unexpected move: on September 15th, they are introducing a brand new card called the Chase...
Southwest Chase 5x

(Update: More Targeted) Earn 5-7x Points On Groceries & Gas With Select Chase Cards

Update 8/14/20: When publishing this deal a couple of weeks ago, none of the Chase cards my wife and I hold were eligible for...

[Targeted] Chase Ink 5x shipping / advertising on social media and search engines

Doctor of Credit posted a data point from reddit last night that I'd have otherwise missed in my own account: some Chase Ink cardholders are...
Chase Freedom 5% Bills

(Targeted) Chase: Earn 5%/5x On Select Bills (Utilities, Insurance, Phone, Cable & Internet)

Chase is targeting some cardholders with an offer to earn 5%/5x when paying select bills with eligible cards. The Deal Earn 5%/5x when paying the...

[Dead] 5x restaurants with Chase Sapphire Reserve?

Update 7/7/20: Doctor of Credit reports that this died sometime in the past couple of days, so it was apparently not intended. It's anybody's...

My ever changing pandemic wallet

Early this year I opened the kimono to show off the cards I keep in my wallet.  I was proud that I had a...

Chase summertime bonuses on Sapphire Reserve and Preferred

Chase today announced some awesome summer bonuses for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Preferred cards. These are some great enhancements that particularly enhance the value...
Chase error

Some Chase Accounts Displayed Wrong Information Overnight – Now Resolved

It's not only Hyatt balances that Chase has been messing up. There were reports overnight that some customers with Chase checking accounts were noticing that...

Duplicate Hyatt Points From Chase Have Been Reversed Out

Chase giveth and Chase taketh away. Back on June 19, many people noticed that their World of Hyatt accounts had been given a nice boost...
Citi Premier International Grocery Stores

12x Hilton vs 6x Marriott for non-manufactured spenders

A question that we have seen repeated in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group, on our Frequent Miler Ask Us Anything live Youtube broadcast,...

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