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How My Smartphone Saved my Butt

I write a lot about Sears gift cards. I've written about how you can use them to meet minimum credit card spend; how...

Is the Kohls Double Dip Alive?

Kohls comes through with Ultimate Rewards points for gift card purchase Well, well, look at that. It took more than two weeks to post,...

Today Only! 20 Ultimate Rewards Points per dollar

Whether you want to buy a regular Groupon or a Groupon Getaway, you need to jump on this deal right away. Via Chase's...

Harry Potter Chased Away

Chase's Ultimate Reward is no longer the great deal it was A few days ago, in the post titled "Chasing Harry Potter," I showed an...

No Mega Deal at Kohls

In a prior post I wrote about a few strange things in the Chase Ultimate Reward mall having to do with Kohls. I speculated...

Potential Mega Deal

Is Kohls the next best double dip opportunity? Some strange things are afoot in the Ultimate Rewards Mall – specifically with regards to Kohls:...

Hacking Hawaii Revised

Fly half price, stay for FREE In an earlier post I showed a way that a family of four could vacation in Hawaii for free....

Chasing Harry Potter

NOTICE: This deal is now dead.  Congratulations to those who got their tickets in time!  See Harry Potter Chased Away for more. Using Chase's Ultimate...

Hacking Hawaii

NOTE: Please also see a newer post: Hacking Hawaii Revised. Last week, Mrs. Miler and I were at a dinner with friends when...

The Perfect Perpetual Point Machine, Part Two

In part one of this series, I introduced the idea of the quest for the perfect perpetual point machine. A perpetual point machine (PPM)...

How to meet minimum credit card spend AND get 50,000 to 100,000 extra miles

As I'm sure you know, credit card companies frequently offer huge sign-up bonuses. NerdWallet, for example, lists seven current bonus offers worth at least...

Lots of Extra Ultimate Rewards Points for Holiday Inn and Intercontinental Reservations!

Chase's Ultimate Rewards mall is currently offering 10 bonus points for every dollar spent when reserving rooms at Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and...

How to buy points and miles for less than a penny

CAUTION: While this post offers a way to buy points and miles at bargain rates, there are serious risks involved in this approach. Before...

Chase Sapphire: 43% off Land’s End Purchase + Free Shipping!

For those of you who love to get stuff from Land's End, here's an outstanding deal.  If you shop Land's End online by going...

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