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best credit cards for restaurants

The best credit cards for restaurants, Amazon.com, and movies

Update: This post includes offers that were valid at the time of publication, but have since expired. Please click here to see the best offers currently available. The Citi Forward card currently offers 5X Citi ThankYou points per...
Citi Forward

No!!! Citi devalues Forward card.

The surprise isn’t that this happened.  The surprise it that it took so long.  The no annual fee Citi Forward card has been on top of my wallet for years.  Why?  5X Citi ThankYou...

9-13; A minor mystery solved; and why I paid foreign transaction fees in London…...

Star MegaDO 6 took place May 9-13. It was an opportunity for aviation geeks to get together and geek out about all things aviation related.  The “Star” part of the title indicates that this...

How one call led to a points bonanza and rethought plans

A couple of days ago I called Citibank to cancel one of my AA Executive cards since the annual fee was about to come due.  As a reminder, last year Citi offered a whopping...

Exercising the Amex Campus Edition card

It’s been almost two years since I first wrote about the American Express Campus Edition card.  At the time, I found the card interesting, but there were better and easier point earning opportunities available. ...

Another 5X bites the dust

Thanks to a tip from CTravlr, I learned yesterday about a new devaluation of sorts... The Citi Forward card has long been one of the best cards available for use at restaurants, bookstores (including...

Eating your way to Kauai. Which card is best?

In a recent post, Frugal Travel Guy said that he would no longer use his Citi Forward card at restaurants.  Instead, he would go with his Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.  He wrote: ...

10% off Amazon & Lowes, how to get Citi Forward, more…

A number of interesting tidbits have been piling up lately, so rather than covering a single topic I'm simply going to give a rundown today of things on my mind... Amex Financial Review Gary,...

5X everywhere without gift cards, part 2: ThankYou Points

At FTU in DC last weekend, I presented "You can still earn 5X everywhere." Many of the tips I presented involved reload cards, gift cards, and Bluebird cards, but I also showed how you...

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