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My ever changing pandemic wallet

Early this year I opened the kimono to show off the cards I keep in my wallet.  I was proud that I had a solid performing mix of cards in my wallet for every...

COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide [Updated w/ Marriott 10X bonuses]

Many travel rewards cards offer perks that only make sense when traveling.  And, of course, thanks to COVID-19, most of us aren't traveling.  Major credit card issuers have started to adjust by offering temporary...

Citi Premier 65K/70K in-branch offer (possible match)

Citi is currently running increased in-branch offers for the Citi Premier card. While the current online offer is for 60K ThankYou points after spending $4K in the first 3 months, the standard offer available...

20% off at Amazon (up to $30) w/ 1 Citi ThankYou point

There is a new promo out to save 20% at Amazon.com (this time up to $30) when you pay using at least 1 Citi ThankYou point at checkout. You must first activate the promo. Note...

Citi offer: 10x (up to 2500 points) on groceries, shopping, gas (and more?) to...

Citi has sent out targeted spending bonuses for some cardholders. Greg received the offer below to earn 10x ThankYou points (up to 2500 points) through 8/31/20 on "eligible purchases". Unfortunately, it's not totally clear which...

Citi shows points earned with each ThankYou card transaction

Four days ago, I emailed Nick to ask him about a comment he had made in one of our Frequent Miler Live discussions.  He had said that Citi shows points earned with each transaction. ...

Citi’s turn: Use Prestige credit at supermarkets / restaurants, more time to meet spend

Last night, the news broke about Bonvoy credit cards getting a bonus on groceries. This morning, Amex announced a major overhaul bonusing US Supermarkets on many cards and making statement credits available for dining,...

(EXPIRED) [More targeted] Amazon: $15 off $50 with one Citi ThankYou point

Amazon is offering some Citi cardholders $15 off of $50 or more when redeeming at least 1 Citi ThankYou point. This deal comes around now and then, but more people have recently been targeted. The Deal Amazon...

Downgrade your credit card to go annual fee-free

With the current situation putting travel on hold for at least the rest of 2020, many readers are thinking of ways to trim their credit card portfolios. However, rather than cancelling an account, it...

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