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Citi Premier 60K offer still available

It was reported by many outlets that the Citi ThankYou Premier 60K points intro offer was ending yesterday. While the affiliate offer for that card ended yesterday, it’s worth noting that you can still get a 60K offer on this card. There’s no telling how long the llink will continue working, but if you’re interested and thought you missed your chance, it is not dead yet. The Offer Key Card Details Quick Thoughts This offer continues to…

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Keep or cancel? Paring down a premium card collection

Last week, I wrote a post about considering which ultra-premium credit cards to keep (those with annual fees of $350 or more). That post inspired Greg to make an awesome spreadsheet for evaluating your ultra-premium cards (See: Your turn: Which Ultra Premium Cards are Keepers?). I initially set out this week to do a similarly mathematical analysis of my current collection of premium cards — those with annual fees around $100. I played with spreadsheets…

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Citi improves transfers to JetBlue on 9/13/18


Chase recently introduced JetBlue TrueBlue as a 1:1 transfer partner (See: Chase Ultimate Rewards: JetBlue Added As Transfer Partner). Citi has responded by increasing the transfer ratio from ThankYou points effective 9/13/18 to 1:1 if you hold the Citi ThankYou Premier or Citi Prestige cards. The Deal Increased transfer ratios from Citi ThankYou points to JetBlue TrueBlue beginning September 13, 2018: Citi ThankYou Preferred: 1,000 ThankYou Points = 500 800 TrueBlue points (1:0.8) Citi ThankYou Premier: 1,000 ThankYou Points = 800 1,000…

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Awesome targeted offers from Amex (10K points) & Citi (5x)

Over the past year or so, both Amex and Citi have been emailing out periodic targeted spending offers, presumably to those whose spending has dropped or anniversary is near. Barclay’s is also known to often send out spending offers around anniversary time. We received a recent report of a great offer from Amex that caused me to look through my email and find one I had missed from Citi. The Deal Targeted offers are being sent…

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Contemplating which ultra-premium card(s) to keep

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  With the 2-year anniversary of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card upon us, and the rate with which my 7-month-old son is outgrowing clothes (we’re in 18-month outfits already!), it has become time to re-evaluate the annual fees I am paying to keep credit cards. Today, I’m going to examine my stable of “ultra-premium” cards (those with annual fees of ~$350 or more) as I try to determine which one(s) belong on the chopping block.…

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Citi Price Rewind limit to remain until 2019?

Several months ago, it was announced that Citi Price Rewind would become less generous. Specifically, the total limit for claims annually was scheduled to drop from $2,500 per year ($500 per claim) to just $1,000 per year in total claims (up to $200 per individual claim). Doctor of Credit reports that sources have confirmed that the $2,500 total cap will remain until January 1, 2019 (capped at $200 per claim), though we haven’t yet seen clear evidence from Citi’s…

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(EXPIRED) Citi ThankYou Transfer Bonus: 30% To Flying Blue

Citi ThankYou Flying Blue Transfer Bonus

Until August 29, 2018, you can transfer Citi ThankYou points to your Flying Blue account and get a 30% bonus. The Deal Transfer ThankYou points to Flying Blue and get 30% bonus miles. Key Terms Expires August 29, 2018. Quick Thoughts ThankYou points usually transfer to Flying Blue on a 1:1 basis, so with this transfer bonus they’ll transfer on a 1:1.3 basis. That’s great news if you’d like to take advantage of the Promo…

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36,000 points in 8 minutes (sort of) and what I learned

Without a doubt, the easiest way to earn miles and points is through credit card bonuses. The welcome offers on many cards are huge and often represent multiples in the 10-20 points per dollar range compared to the minimum spend required. After sign up bonuses are earned, many people skip right to category bonuses as the next means of maximizing their mileage. However, there is another option in between: retention bonuses. Yesterday, an eight minute call…

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