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Ouch: Amex clawing back Amex Offers credits

Doctor of Credit and Miles to Memories have both reported on a very unfortunate development: Amex is clawing back statement credits on people who used the Staples offer for 10% back on multiple cards and received more than a cumulative $100 back. That could really be painful for folks who synced that offer to multiple cards and used it many times. Amex is saying that they will now charge your account(s) for however much you received…

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The next best credit card perks that will be taken away

There’s nothing new about credit card companies offering valuable perks and later taking them away.  They all do it.  But Amex must have set a piss-off-customers record with the removal of the 50% flight rebate.  They introduced the benefit on October 6th 2016 and are set to take it away from most existing cardholders by June 1 2017 (and that benefit has now expired).  The feature survived less than 8 months.  Fortunately, those who opened, or…

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