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American Express launches MyCredit Guide – a free credit score reporting tool

American Express MyCredit Guide

American Express has launched a free credit score reporting tool called American Express MyCredit Guide. This works in much the same way as similar offerings from Credit Karma, Discover, Chase, etc., but there are a couple of features to be aware of – one that has the potential to be good and one that’s not as useful. American Express MyCredit Guide uses the VantageScore 3.0 credit score by TransUnion and is free for everyone to use,…

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Building (and viewing) teenage credit

FM author Nick and I are approaching near-opposite ends of the greatest journey on earth: parenthood.  Nick announced last weekend that his first child is expected to arrive in January.  I’m looking forward to his posts on how to earn miles while changing diapers.  Meanwhile, my son has just started college and I’m busy earning rewards while paying tuition (see: Double-dipping college rewards). My son will turn 18 in November.  Once he does, he can…

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Earn points from authorized users. Is it worth it?

Authorized Users

Credit card companies want cardholders to add authorized users (AUs).  The hope is that more users will result in more spend which means more profit for the card issuer.  Because of this, it’s sometimes possible to earn points for adding authorized users.  But, is that a good idea?  There are both benefits and disadvantages to adding authorized users… Many credit card signup offers include bonus points for adding authorized users.  Chase does this with most…

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A case study of a 470,000 point application spree

In mid August, my wife applied for 8 credit cards across three banks.  After a few phone calls, all 8 cards were approved.  You can read the full details here and here.  Currently, we’re still working on the minimum spend requirements for some of these cards, but in the end we expect to earn a total of 470,000 points and miles.  In the prior posts I added plenty of warnings and caveats.  If you’re thinking…

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