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Reload updates

Quick weekend news about Walmart, the three letter drug store, and the numerically named convenience store…  The numerically named convenience store While I haven’t had a chance recently to revisit my local convenience store, I’ve heard report after report from readers that these stores are no longer allowing Vanilla Reload purchases with credit cards.  Apparently there was a memo.  Also, even when cashiers are willing to let people use a credit card, they have found…

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Multiple paths to 5X everywhere

A couple of weeks ago I presented at Frequent Traveler University in Los Angeles.  One of the topics I covered was how to earn 5 points per dollar (or more) on all spend.  We started with a moment of silence for the end of Vanilla Reload cards at Office Depot (see “Office Depot discontinues Vanilla Reload cards“).  We then went on to discuss a number of opportunities that still exist.  Below is a brief outline……

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A tale of two #Fails

Frequent Miler leaned over his laboratory workbench to examine the notice more closely.  Could it be true?  Is this real?  He turned quickly to the lab computer and ran a Google search.  Yes, it checked out!  The key to the perfect perpetual point machine was at hand! Meanwhile, somewhere across the country, fellow schemer Greek2me saw the same notice, but came to a different conclusion.  He saw an opportunity to create a perpetual money making…

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