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Problems with banking SkyMiles via Delta Vacations

Through Friday evening 8/30, Delta is running a fantastic promotion: SkyMiles are worth double when booking a Delta Vacation.  Nick wrote about this deal a few days ago: Amazing Delta vacation packages promo: get 2c per mile + earn miles. When I first learned about the deal, my first thought was “I wonder if we can use this deal to cash out SkyMiles at 2 cents each?  Supporting this theory, are these cancellation terms: If…

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Hacking Hawaii

NOTE: Please also see a newer post: Hacking Hawaii Revised. Last week, Mrs. Miler and I were at a dinner with friends when the topic of Hawaii came up. They’ve never been, but they would like to. Their kids have been begging to go, but they feel they need to save their money for future college expenses. I totally understand that, but it’s a shame. I’ve been to many wonderful places around the world, but…

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Save on airfare by booking a vacation package

This trick does not always work, but when it does you can easily save hundreds of dollars in airfare. Most airlines have an affiliated travel agency that sells vacation packages. Examples include Delta Vacations, American Airlines Vacations, United Vacations, etc. Each of these sites allow you to book packages that include flights and hotel, flights and car rental, or flights, car rental, and hotel. When booking flights, it is always worth checking out prices via…

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