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January Lab Update

In the world of points, miles, and deals, one of the best ways to find out what works and what doesn’t is to simply try things and keep track of what succeeds and what fails.  That’s the purpose of the Frequent Miler Laboratory.  On that page, I record experiments that have been proposed, experiments in-progress, and experiments completed.  Results include both my own results and those reported by readers. Here are some lab results that…

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Big (and mostly bad) changes to the Ultimate Rewards Mall

April 1st kicks off with a cruel joke from Chase.  Many of the big bonus point offers in the Ultimate Rewards Mall have dropped precipitously.  Below are some of my findings this morning when logged in with my old Ink Bold and my Sapphire Preferred (note that you may see different results with a Chase Freedom). First, the good news: Office Depot: 10X Ink Bold; only 4X Sapphire Preferred Kohl’s: Still at 10X for both…

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Why tease me Aadvantage eShopping Mall?

In February, I tried to double-dip at DrugStore.com by buying gift cards through Beauty.com and then using them at DrugStore.com.  My hope was to earn portal points or cash back with each transaction.  Well, buying gift cards resulted in points, but using gift cards did not.  Along the way, though, I did discover a surprising triple dip.  Anyway, last week I received the following email from Aadvantage eShopping: Subject: You Have Earned Miles through the…

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The surprising drugstore.com triple dip

My failed Drugstore.com experiment revealed a nice deal..  The Experiment Last month, drugstore.com offered 10 points per dollar for purchases made through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  I was tempted to try to double dip by buying drugstore.com gift cards and then using them in order to get to 20X.  I didn’t try it, though, because of the terms and conditions: However, I noticed that Beauty.com and Drugstore.com are the same company and that Beauty.com gift…

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Ultimate Rewards Mall Update

As of this morning (Feb 1), there are a number of changes to the payouts from Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold (note that when logging into the mall for other Chase cards, you will have different offers). Let’s look at some key bonus rates for the Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold: Avis: 5X Barnes & Noble: 10X (up from 7X) Drugstore.com: 5X (down from 10X!) Groupon: 0 (has…

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