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Evolve Money adds Discover as a payment source

Evolve Money is an online bill payment service that accepts debit cards (including Visa and MasterCard gift cards) as sources of payment.  Now, they’ve...

Office supply 1X, Devolvolution, FlexPerks minus AA, and more

Miscellaneous thoughts and happenings… Online Office Depot and OfficeMax not posting as office supply A reliable source has informed me that all of his...

Easy Credit Card Spend

Yesterday I described a number of “easy wins”.  These are tricks for obtaining free or improved travel quickly and easily.  Most of the listed...

Evolve Money talks

Evolve Money is an online service that allows free bill payment with debit cards (including Visa and MasterCard gift cards) that can’t usually be...

Evolve devolves (developing story…)

I’ve written a few times before about the online service Evolve Money (see, for example: “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards”).  Evolve...

Don’t do it

Last week, a number of blogs revealed that Evolve Money accepts credit cards for payment.  In my opinion, it was irresponsible to blog about...

Portal, cards, and mortgage payments

Today, I have a number of miscellaneous things on my mind regarding portals, credit card offers, and mortgage payments.  Read on… ShopDiscover caution / question In...

A great disturbance in the Force

In the past few days I’ve been writing a lot about the ability to buy $200 Visa gift cards online from Staples.  This event,...

Bad blogging and better than 5X loan payments

UPDATE 11:30 am EST: ShopAtHome dropped their cash back rate for Staples from 7% to only 3%.  Ugh. Bad blogging In general, the mechanics...

Post time of day, silver for 40K, mortgage pay, and Hyatt stays

Notice the rhyming post title? Should I quit my blog and become a poet?  No?  OK, then read on for my miscellaneous ramblings… Post...

Travel Pony, obscure Freedom benefits, Evolve, and call again success

Travel Pony Lots of blogs are talking about a hotel booking site called Travel Pony.  You can get $35 credit towards your first stay...

Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards

A new online bill pay service called Evolve Money launched in September of last year and evolved into something useful in November (see their...

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