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How to count your 5/24 status from your smart phone

With the introduction of its unofficial 5/24 Rule, Chase has made life much harder for those who like to frequently sign up for credit cards to get the signup bonuses.  With the 5/24 Rule, Chase denies most application in which the applicant has opened 5 or more cards in the past 24 months. And we’re not just talking about Chase cards here.  All issuers count.  If you’ve never opened a Chase card in your life,…

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Free Experian credit monitoring for iPhone and Android users

Free Experian App

I recently wrote about an opportunity for most AAA customers to get free Experian credit monitoring.  Now, it turns out that you don’t even need AAA.  You just need a smart phone or tablet… Experian has released a free iPhone and Android (in beta) app.  The app provides credit monitoring and your Experian credit report, for free.  The hook is that the app tries to upsell your FICO credit score from Experian (which you can…

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Free Experian Credit Monitoring with AAA membership (for many)

Experian Credit Monitoring

You’re probably aware that many credit card companies provide credit scores to their members for free.  And, recently, Discover has begun offering free FICO credit scores from Experian for customers and non-customers alike: If you’re interested in monitoring not just your credit scores, but credit inquires too (and other info as well), you’ll have to look elsewhere.  Of course, you can get your complete credit reports from all three bureaus, for free, once per year from…

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Monitor credit inquiries for free from all three bureaus

Monitor credit inquiries

There are many credit monitoring services that, for a fee, will alert you when an inquiry is made to your credit report.  But, what if you want to monitor credit inquiries for free? If you regularly sign up for credit cards in order to earn bonuses, it’s a great idea to keep track of the number of inquiries you have with each of the three credit bureaus, along with specifics: for each application, which credit…

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A case study of a 470,000 point application spree

In mid August, my wife applied for 8 credit cards across three banks.  After a few phone calls, all 8 cards were approved.  You can read the full details here and here.  Currently, we’re still working on the minimum spend requirements for some of these cards, but in the end we expect to earn a total of 470,000 points and miles.  In the prior posts I added plenty of warnings and caveats.  If you’re thinking…

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