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Why travel with a baby

I promise this blog hasn’t become “The Family Miler” despite a few family-travel-related posts this week. But the other day on Frequent Miler, we had some lively discussion about whether or not it’s OK to fly in business class with a baby. I’m not going to repeat that discussion here, see “The baby in business class debate” if you’re interested and missed it. One point that was echoed by a few folks was the notion…

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Family travel’s influences on award travel

Family travel has unintentionally turned into a hot topic this week at Frequent Miler, with Greg’s post yesterday (The baby in business class debate) touching off quite a bit of discussion. That made me reflect a bit on the ways that family travel has been influencing my award travel as of late, especially with regard to my recent trip to Japan. There’s no doubt that our travel continues to evolve and traveling with a baby…

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