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Shop until you’re dropped: Chase Financial Review freezes account

Update: See Chase Financial Review: Results are in for the conclusion to this story. Recently, my wife opened a couple of new Chase credit cards; among them was a Chase Marriott Rewards card. A couple of days ago, she went to make a purchase online and received an error message that the purchase could not be completed — her card was declined. With the holidays coming, she had done some recent shopping and figured this was…

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Amex financial review from adding authorized users

In my recent post “Planning my Amex Offers portfolio,” I described my plans of ensuring that I had at least one of each type of Amex card (Membership Rewards vs. Other; Personal vs. Business) and that I would add a handful of authorized users cards to each of these so that I’d be well positioned for Amex Offers. In response, a number of readers declared that adding a bunch of authorized users would lead to…

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