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Where have all the FAR deals gone?

Earlier in the year, Staples advertised a new Free After Rebate (FAR) deal almost every single week.  Since Staples Easy Rebates are true to their name (i.e. they really are “easy”), it was possible...

3450 free points from Office Depot, but I’m not buying

If you have a Chase Ink card that gives 5 points per dollar for office supplies, FAR (Free After Rebate) deals at Office Depot should be pretty exciting.  Currently, if you log into the...

Staples Update

Staples has taken a break from giving us free points:  no Free After Rebate items this week.  Bummer!  However there are a few bits of Staples news and conjecture worth sharing: uPromise: ...

Yes, up to 2450 more free points from Staples!

This deal is good until April 14. This tip is thanks to a FlyerTalk reader who contacted me.  File this under “unbelievable, but true”.  The same exact product that has been available for “Free...

Staples ups the ante (targeted)

Staples has been giving us so much lately (see “Is Staples the perfect PPM?”) that it’s hard to believe they’ll give more.  However, it appears that they want to do just that.  Unless this...

Staples keeps on giving

This deal is good until April 7. Eventually I hope to write a post or two that is not about Staples, but as long as they keep giving us freebies I might as well...

Staples Delivers Free Points Again!

This deal is good until March 31. A few days ago I posted "Sorry, an error has occurred". In that post I explained my disappointment that the Staples site only allowed one copy of Trend...

Freebies from Staples

UPDATE: You can now buy 10 Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus 1 PC: $35, Free after rebate  !!! Below are a number of FAR (free after rebate) items from Staples this week.  If you use a...

Sorry, an error has occurred

I just got off the phone with a Staples' web guy to see if they were going to fix the item limit issue with the current Free after Rebate Trend Micro deal.  For those...

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