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Big Wins

In my recent post “Easy Wins,” I described a number of easy tricks that result in free or improved travel.  Many are also “big wins” in that they’ll result in great value for little cost.  Some of the best deals in travel, though, require a bit more effort or understanding.  These also tend to be great for specific situations.  They tend to fit the mold: “IF you want to fly this specific route and IF…

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My $19 NYC challenge: plans taking shape

On Friday I described my upcoming trip to New York City, and a challenge I set for myself: I would travel on miles and points, and spend no more than $19 per day.  See “My $19 New York City challenge.”  In that post, I described my initial plans and the dilemma I had because those plans left me with only $2 to cover sightseeing, transportation within the city, and incidentals.  Clearly that wouldn’t work, so…

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My $19 New York City challenge

Next week I’m off to New York City for a meet-up with some friends.  And, thanks to airline miles and hotel points, my trip will be free!  Well, not really.  I do need to pay taxes and fees to redeem miles.  And, I need transportation to and from each airport.  And, I need to eat.  And, it would be a shame to go to New York without doing some sightseeing.  Yikes, this is starting to…

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Back to the basics

When I started this blog last September my intention was to give step by step easy instructions showing how to travel for free.  I wanted to share what I’ve learned with family and friends, but I realized that this stuff was a bit too complicated for a single email, a single Facebook post, or a couple of conversations.  By creating a blog, I thought, I could tell people about my hobby and point them to…

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Hacking Hawaii

NOTE: Please also see a newer post: Hacking Hawaii Revised. Last week, Mrs. Miler and I were at a dinner with friends when the topic of Hawaii came up. They’ve never been, but they would like to. Their kids have been begging to go, but they feel they need to save their money for future college expenses. I totally understand that, but it’s a shame. I’ve been to many wonderful places around the world, but…

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