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Best credit card combos: Ultimate Rewards

Best credit card combo

UPDATE: After this post was written, Chase introduced two new cards: Chase Freedom Unlimited which offers 1.5 points per dollar on all spend and Chase Sapphire Reserve which offers 3X points for travel and dining.  For a look at how these new cards work in combination with others, please see: The BEST travel rewards card and FU Sapphire Reserve: Better combos exist . This is part 1 of a multi-part series of “best credit card combos”.…

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Chasing Ultimate Rewards

I was bummed the other day when I logged into my Chase account and saw that my Ultimate Rewards point total had dropped to a meager 100,000 points.  In the past, I’ve earned what seemed like an unlimited supply of Ultimate Rewards points through generous signup bonuses, regular introductions of new or altered Chase Ink products, my having multiple businesses (and thus being able to sign up for the same business card multiple times –…

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Cancelling my favorite cards

Every time an annual fee comes due on a credit card, I make a decision as to whether to keep, cancel, or downgrade the card.  Are the benefits that the card offers worth the annual fee?  If not, the card should be ditched.  It turns out, ironically, that I’m currently planning to cancel or downgrade a number of my favorite cards… Chase Ink Plus A few months after I started this blog in 2011, Chase…

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Travel Pony, obscure Freedom benefits, Evolve, and call again success

Travel Pony Lots of blogs are talking about a hotel booking site called Travel Pony.  You can get $35 credit towards your first stay simply by signing up with anyone’s referral link (you can find mine on this page), and you can save an additional $50 by applying code Kate50.  Loyalty Traveller does a great job examining whether or not this is really a good deal (answer: usually yes, but not always). 1.34 cents value…

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Freedom 4th quarter 5X update

Every 3 months, Chase offers new categories with which Freedom cardholders can earn 5 points per dollar (up to $1500 in spend).  This quarter, the bonus categories are and “Select department stores.”  This is an update to the post “How to maximize Chase Freedom’s 4th quarter 5X?”  It turns out that in that earlier post I got at least one thing right and one thing wrong.  Read on… Sears gift cards In my earlier…

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How to maximize Chase Freedom’s 4th quarter 5X?

Every 3 months, Chase offers new categories with which Freedom cardholders can earn 5 points per dollar (up to $1500 in spend).  This quarter, the bonus categories are and “Select department stores.” Let’s look at ways to maximize this quarter’s bonus categories… purchases and gift cards If you shop often at, the simplest solution is to use your Freedom card to pay for Amazon purchases.  Getting 5 points per dollar from…

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Credit card purchase perks and how they apply when using gift cards

One of the best ways to increase point earnings or cash back when buying merchandise is to double dip: first get the most points or cash back possible from buying the merchant’s gift cards, then get the most points or cash back possible when using the merchant’s gift cards to buy things.  For background on getting points & cash back from buying gift cards, please see: “Best options for buying merchant gift cards.”  And, for…

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The best mix of Ultimate Rewards cards

Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program is hands down my favorite loyalty program.  Through incredible sign-up bonuses, generous category bonuses, and the often lucrative Ultimate Rewards Mall, it is easy to earn oodles of points quickly.  And, with any of Chase’s premium Ultimate Rewards cards (such as the Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, and Ink Bold cards), there are many ways to use points.  Here are some examples: Book any travel for 1.25 cents per point value. Transfer…

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5X everywhere without gift cards, part 1: Ultimate Rewards

At FTU in DC last weekend, I presented “You can still earn 5X everywhere.”  Many of the tips I presented involved reload cards, gift cards, and Bluebird cards, but I also showed how you can earn 5X almost everywhere without gift cards.  In this three part series, I’ll show you how. The cards shown above on the left earn Chase’s Ultimate Rewards points.  The cards on the right earn Citibank’s Thankyou points.  In this post,…

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