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Is the Sears double dip dead for real this time?

Sears double dip

Sears used to be one of the most reliable online merchants for portal “double dips”.  A Sears portal double dip goes as follows: Click through an online portal to and buy gift cards Click through an online portal again to and use the gift cards to buy merchandise Via the above process, it has long been possible to double portal rewards.  For example, when a portal offered 10 miles per dollar for shopping…

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$300 Visa gift cards now available online at

$300 Visa is now offering $300 Visa gift cards for purchase online. Each card has a fee of $8.95 ($7.95 purchase fee + $1 shipping fee).  While that sounds steep, it’s better than Staples’ previous best option: $200 Visa with $6.95 fee.  As a percentage of total, the fee for the $300 gift card is approximately 3% whereas the fee for the $200 Visa is approximately 3.5%: $200 Visa: $6.95 fee is 3.475% of face value…

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Discover’s Deal of the Year: Still Waiting

Quick background: Discover is currently running two overlapping promotions: an extra 10% cash back for Apple Pay purchases, plus double all cash back for a year.  Each promotion is amazing on its own. Taken together, they’re fantastic.  You can find full details here and here. The one little hitch has been the introduction of terms to the Apple Pay promo.  The terms now exclude gift card purchases.  See: Discover’s Deal of the Year: Excludes gift…

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Amazon Bonus $5 with a $25 Gift Card (Amazon Student members ONLY)

UPDATE: This offer is valid ONLY to Amazon Student members with a free trial or paid membership to Amazon Prime. Not an Amazon Student? Go here to learn about and sign up for the program. Through October 9th, Amazon is offering a student-excusive lightning deal offering a free $5 promotion code with the purchase of a $25 gift card. Here are the details from Amazon: Amazon Student-exclusive offer: Buy a $25 Amazon Gift Card (shown below) by October 9,…

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Amex claws back old portal payout

Amex portal

A couple of days ago I logged into my TopCashback account and found something disturbing.  My pending cash back for Amex Gift Cards had dropped to negative $195. I clicked the dollar amount to see the details.  There, I found that I had one pending payout of $30 (which will surely be reversed soon) and a negative payout of $225.  Yikes. I hastily shot off a (nicely worded) “WTF” support ticket to TopCashback. Then I…

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