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Buy Google Pixel 4 Or 4XL & Get 50% Back As Google Fi Credit

Google Pixel 4

Google has launched a new promotion offering 50% back in Fi credit when buying a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. This is a great deal on a new Pixel phone, although it might be worth waiting until later this week to pull the trigger on this offer in case they drop the price for Black Friday. The Deal Get 50% back in Google Fi credit after your first 60 days of service when buying…

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Google Fi Launching Unlimited Plans

Google Fi Unlimited Plans

Google Fi recently announced the launch of Unlimited Plans, potentially providing a better-priced alternative to their existing flexible plans. If you already have their service (perhaps after signing up during last year’s amazing deal) or have been considering their service, it’s worth checking out their pricing to see if you’ll be better off compared to your current plan. Here’s a link to compare Google Fi’s existing plans with their unlimited plans. A screenshot of the…

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On my mind (betting it all on Google)

Over the years, I’ve found myself increasingly dependent upon Google.  For example, I built this blog’s credit card database in Google Sheets.  Without that, we’d barely have a blog.  That database drives our Best Offers page, Best Category Bonuses, Best Rewards for Everyday Spend, Best Big Spend Bonuses, and so much more. Of course, I use Google email (Gmail) and Google calendar to rule both my business and personal life.  Even more, Google Maps is my everything. …

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$300 off select Pixels via Google Express

Those looking to buy a new unlocked Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL can currently get $300 off through Google Express. Stacked with portal cash and/or a new user discount, that could make for a decent (though not amazing) deal on a great phone (that is fully compatible with Google Fi, which is excellent for travel). The Deal Get $300 off on the following Google Pixel phones via Google Express: Google Pixel 3 – 64 GB for $499 Google Pixel…

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(EXPIRED) Update: Save $100 on advertising, not a Fi phone

Update: Reader Mdk reports that while the advertising offer was triggered in the winter deal, it was NOT triggered on a subsequent purchase a few months ago. Marking this deal dead as such. There’s a new Amex Offer that recently came available on some business cards for advertising purchases: Spend $400 or more on advertising, get $100 back. That’s obviously a nice offer if you’ll be spending money on advertising. However, if you aren’t spending on advertising, it…

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(EXPIRED) 50% off Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL with Google Fi 4/22 only

Google Fi is offering a discount of 50% off retail price on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones today (4/22/19 only). That’s a pretty awesome deal if you’re looking to get on Fi or if you’re just looking to buy a Pixel (which could be used on the other major US carriers after activation). It’s not as good as the insane deal last fall, but if you missed that and/or are just looking for…

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Google Fi gift cards better than expected

Google Fi has begun sending out emails with travel gift cards from the incredible November promotion (see: [DEAD] WOW! Get a Google Fi phone & travel gift card worth the phone’s price). I received my gift card email earlier this evening, and it turned out to be even better than expected: not only can you mix and match amounts with all of the included partners, but you do not need to redeem all of the…

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My full retreat back to iPhone-land

That’s it then.  My Pixel 3 is gathering dust already.  I gave it a try, but ultimately decided to return to my trusty old iPhone. The reason? I missed some key iPhone features, and I was frustrated with a few Pixel 3 quirks. Pixel 3: “Turn left onto North Main Street.” Me: “OK Google. Stop Navigation.” Pixel 3: “Continue straight 1 mile.” Me: “OK GOOGLE. STOP NAVIGATION” Pixel 3: “Turn left onto…” The dialog above…

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Tiffany’s Google Fi warning. Time to retreat?

Earlier today, Tiffany at One Mile at a Time posted “Why I Can No Longer Recommend Google Fi.”  In that post, Tiffany described a number of issues with her latest Pixel phone and with Fi support.  None of those issues were deal breakers though.  The deal breaking humongous issue was with Google Pay.  And it made me nervous… When Google ran a one day spectacular sale on new Fi phones back in November, Tiffany’s husband…

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