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(EXPIRED) Many new Hilton offers (could stack w/ resort credit)

There are a number of new Amex Offers out today for various Hilton brands. Keep an eye out for the chance to sync any of these to an Amex Hilton Aspire card as they should stack with the annual $250 resort credit on that card if you use one of these at a participating resort (found at this link – remember to check to make sure your hotel is on the list). I was able to stack one such offer…

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(EXPIRED) Hilton Hawaii Amex Offer: Spend $1,000 & Get $200 Back

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki

There’s a new Amex Offer for Hilton brand hotels in Hawaii that’s offering a $200 statement credit when spending $1,000 or more on room rate or room charges. The Deal Spend $1,000+ on room rate and room charges at Hilton brand hotels in Hawaii and get a $200 statement credit. Key Terms Expires June 30, 2019. Offer valid only at Hilton brand hotels in the state of Hawaii. Reservations must be made online at hilton.com,…

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Hilton’s junky new Points Explorer tool isn’t always accurate

Hilton announced a new tool yesterday called “Points Explorer”. See the tool at this link. Since Hilton has variable pricing instead of an award chart, this tool purportedly shows you a range from the fewest number of points necessary to the maximum for any hotel in the portfolio. That could theoretically be helpful since you would know the best “deal” when you see it. Except it doesn’t work. Still, I think it has the potential…

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(EXPIRED) Hilton Mexico Amex Offer: Spend $500+ & Get $100 Back

Hilton Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

In addition to the latest Kimpton Amex Offer, there’s a new targeted Hilton Amex Offer for their properties in Mexico. This one might therefore have limited appeal – especially with a higher than average spend requirement – but it could save you up to 20% if you’re planning a paid vacation in Mexico. The Deal Spend $500+ on room rate and room charges at Hilton brand properties in Mexico and get $100 back. Key Terms…

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Want to visit ATL for the Superbowl? Buy Hilton points.

I’ll admit that I roll my eyes a little every time someone complains about Hilton being revenue-based. Call me a bit of a fanboy if you want, there are still opportunities to get good value out of Hilton points. To be clear, most Hilton redemptions are going to be just under half a cent each in value (which is why our Reasonable Redemption RRV for Hilton points is 0.45c). However, I’m in Atlanta this weekend and I…

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Are points worth what they buy or what they save?

If your employer offered to pay the next $1,100 you earn in pizza, what would you say? Unless you work at a pizzeria and they’re offering to let you sell your pizza share or something, you’d probably be skeptical at best about choosing pizza over cold hard cash. Why? That’s a silly question, but the obvious answer is that you can’t pay the mortgage with pizza, you can’t buy clothes with pizza, etc. The pizza…

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Why Gary is nuts not to even consider Hilton

Earlier today, Gary Leff at View from the Wing published a post titled, “To Everyone Leaving Marriott for Hilton: You’re Nuts.“. I respectfully beg to differ — while I often enjoy Gary’s take on things, I can’t agree with him here. In short, I think Gary’s nuts to consider Hilton a non-starter. Lucky at One Mile at a Time beat me to the punch as to several of the reasons why I strongly disagree with Gary,…

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(EXPIRED) New offers for Hampton & Hilton Garden Inn (4K points / $40 back on $175)

There are a couple of new Amex Offers out today for Hampton by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn good for either 4,000 Membership Rewards points or $40 back (depending on your offer) when you spend $175 or more. That’s a decent return on spend, and it’s even showing up on Hilton cards for some people, which makes it an even better deal as you may earn 7-14 points Hilton points per dollar on top of the statement credit depending on which card…

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When everyone is Diamond, is anyone Diamond?

Earlier in the year, when the Amex Hilton Aspire card began offering Hilton Diamond status to anyone willing to pony up the $450 annual fee, a reader commented to say “When everyone is Diamond, no one is Diamond.” I understood what he meant: the more people who have status, the less special/exclusive it is. I checked out of the Conrad Fort Lauderdale yesterday afternoon and I’ll say this: I don’t know whether it was my Diamond…

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