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Home Improvement gift cards lose their luster. Now what?

Last week, Home Improvement gift cards turned into gold but then lost their luster soon after.  Here’s the story, and what to do…  For me, the story began on July 29th, when I received the following tweet:   Points to Paradise had published this post about using the Home Improvement gift card to load Bluebird at Walmart.  This was big news because the Home Improvement card was the last reloadable card that Office Depot was…

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Million Mile Headaches: Lowes, Round 2

Background: Million Mile Madness was the mad quest to earn a million points in one month. Throughout March, I did everything I could to earn as many points as possible while keeping within my ethical boundaries. During the month, I tracked all of the points that I expected, and I declared victory when the expected total topped one million. Million Mile Headaches Not everything went smoothly during my million mile quest.  Last week, for example,…

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The Home Improvement gift card

Is this the next big thing?  Probably not, but it has its uses…  When Office Depot recently stopped selling $500 Visa cards, the hunt was on to find the next big “5X everywhere” opportunity (see “In search of the next big thing“).  At first blush, the Home Improvement gift card looked like it might fit the bill. The Home Improvement gift card is intended for use at stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears.  It…

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